You manage accounting and finance and mitigate risk. You're being asked to provide insights about improving profitability and pricing. Do you know the answers?

In addition to managing the day to day accounting and financial aspects of the business, finance organizations are being asked to provide key insights as to how the business is performing and, more importantly, where there are opportunities for improvements. Uniquely positioned to have budgets, forecasts, actuals, and profitability figures, high-performing finance teams are diving deep into the data to isolate levers that impact productivity and profitability.

Our Financial Analysis solution helps you to utilize technology to aggregate, analyze, and model a variety of financial scenarios, without engaging technology experts and data analysts. Our experience in delivering solutions that can't be solved with technology alone is what helps to make our clients successful. 

Uncover profit and revenue opportunities
Discover product/business unit under-performers
Adjust pricing to reflect actual supply and inventory on hand


Sales Acceleration

Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting

Your organization spends months going through annual budgeting exercises, collecting and reviewing business justifications for critical initiatives, and calculating ROI. Once budgets are allocated, where does all of that hard work and business planning go?

We help our customers use cloud-based budgeting and planning tools to support real-time budgeting and planning throughout the year. We help our customers report real-time budget versus actuals, and model future forecasts at any level of detail, to positively impact organizational performance. Clients choose Acumen Solutions because they know when it comes to cloud solutions, one thing matters most: experience delivers success.

Sales Acceleration

Profitability Analysis

You know which products drive the most margin, as well as which parts of the organization operate the most profitably. Isolating the factors that contribute to profitability requires the ability to manipulate the data and model multi-dimensional scenarios using real-time data.

Subject matter experts at Acumen Solutions take time to understand your unique business needs before tailoring Salesforce to achieve definable business goals. We help our customers implement and use robust cloud-based technologies to model various profitability scenarios, without the help of IT or BI software specialists. We help you isolate profitability insights to dramatically improve margins across the organization.

Sales Acceleration

Pricing Optimization

Your sales team has invested heavily in processes and technologies that help drive sales and improve the customer experience. You have developed pricing models and standards, and issued pricing guidelines, but sales reps are still pricing based on instinct. You know that customers will pay more.

We help our customers use a highly scientific approach to analyze historical transaction data, segmented by customer profiles and products, to predict the price that a customer is willing to pay, in real-time. We implement pricing tools that have been field tested to maximize price, and therefore dramatically increase profitability. Our clients make an extraordinary leap forward in strategy, processes, and performance. We are a global consultancy that unlocks each client's vast and untapped potential.