Technology innovation fuels growth. How do you meet the demand for significant amounts of unbudgeted time and money?

You spend 80% of your time/money supporting business as usual. Demands for transformational technologies from all parts of the business are flooding in. You have very limited time and resources to support the volume of requests, let alone invest in strategic technologies that support the organization's growth goals.

Our Digital Transformation solutions help you leverage cloud technologies that free your team to spend 35% more time on innovation. You can trust that Acumen Solutions' experience will deliver success for your business.

Integrating systems quickly and easily
Accelerating Journey to the cloud
Shorten new systems deployments to weeks

Digital Transformation Offerings


Sales Acceleration

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Acumen Solutions focuses on helping commercial and public sector clients take advantage of the benefits of the AWS Public and Government Cloud to reduce complexity and maximize value. Our expertise extends across backup and storage solutions for Salesforce, DevSecOps, next-generation infrastructure, custom development, Big Data, and telephony powered by Amazon Connect. For more information about our AWS Solutions, please click here.

Sales Acceleration

Agile Enterprise Architecture

Meeting business demands for new technology across the organization requires an architecture that facilitates data to flow between systems, without disrupting data integrity. Acumen Solutions maintains over 500 onshore Salesforce consultants who have worked on some of the toughest implementations, including rescuing projects bungled by consultants with less Salesforce expertise. We help organizations replace rigid point to point connections with more modern, flexible, and scalable integration platforms that minimize, and even eliminate, the need for customized code to share data between systems. We help you bring valuable business transforming technologies to market sooner without sacrificing quality.


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Connected Everything

BYOD (bring your own device) pales in comparison to the complexity introduced by the connected products that send billions of data points into your systems every day. Securing IoT-enabled devices is nearly impossible, yet there are millions of connected products already on the market. Customer engagement experts at Acumen Solutions leverage cloud and mobile technologies to create more meaningful and profitable interactions with customers. We help our customers use industry-leading IoT technologies and ground-breaking information protection providers to capture, filter, and protect large volumes of data. We help you support connected products responsibly, and at scale.


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Lean Governance

Governance is important. Centers of Excellence established over the last decade instill a comprehensive process designed to produce quality and reduce risk. As technology design, development, and deployment efforts accelerate, governance overhead often exceeds build efforts. Teams simply bypass governance in favor of speed to market.

Acumen Solutions takes your business to the next level by addressing practical business challenges with industry best practices and an eye on innovation. We help our customers define and adopt a DevOps governance approach that provides discipline and process without cumbersome hurdles and high overhead. We help our customers maintain, and even accelerate, speed to market without sacrificing quality.