B2B customers and partners expect a B2C quality buying experience. How does your digital footprint measure up?

Today’s buyers are increasingly expecting a more “B2C-like” commerce experience when they are purchasing for their organization. They want the buying experience to be simple, fast, and on their own time. The buyer has become accustomed to a personalized shopping experience in their personal life, and they expect the same level of dynamic content and personalization when buying on behalf of an organization.

However, B2B Commerce surfaces challenges that are not typically faced in a B2C selling model. Many B2B buyers have not only negotiated pricing for individual products, but potentially have restrictions on products that can be purchased by a specific partner. Additionally, B2B transactions tend to be more complex than B2C ones. B2B buyers often know exactly what they want to purchase; they simply want to log in and place their orders quickly. Lastly, in certain industries, the products being purchased are not widgets, but rather configured items.

Acumen Solutions has been implementing B2B Commerce solutions for several years across a variety of industries and use cases. We have delivered solutions for enterprise organizations across Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, Transportation, Not For Profit, Government, and other industries. With a wide breadth of expertise, we help our customers create personalized, innovative solutions that address multiple use cases.

Our experience delivering successful digital commerce engagements have brought value to our customers in the following ways:

Increased Margin/Profitability

Lowered Total Cost of Sale

Increased Brand Loyalty

Unlocked Revenue Streams


Sales Acceleration

Industry-Specific B2B Use Cases

Current challenges have escalated retail outlets and convenience stores' desire to procure products to sell in a digital way. This includes:

‣ Spare Parts Ordering for Manufacturing: Distributors, dealers, and service shops can purchase spare parts for machine repairs

 Finished Goods for Manufacturing: Distribution organizations purchasing finished goods from manufacturers to then sell to other organizations, or directly to end customers

 Food Distribution for Consumer Goods: This allows retailers, convenience stores, and grocery stores ordering from food producers

 Subscription Management for High Tech, CG, Financial Services and Nonprofit: This enables customers to manage their subscriptions based purchases whether it be professional services, software subscriptions, or simple recurring orders

 Franchise Ordering for Retail and Travel & Hospitality: This allows franchises within a franchisee model to purchase required decor, food, or other items from the parent organization


Sales Acceleration

Cutting-Edge B2B Use Cases

This year has led to unprecedented turbulence for nearly all organizations, and especially those in the manufacturing and consumer goods industries, where the producers typically sell through a B2B2B or B2B2C model. Stay at home orders, social distancing and travel restrictions have resulted in organizations needing to find creative ways to connect with their customers, either through their existing distributor channels, or by shifting directly to consumers.

With many organizations needing to pivot their sales channels in some capacity, there are several trends that we see our customers facing:

 Direct to Consumer

The challenges organizations are facing today are creating a paradigm shift in their strategy: 

•Digital Transformation is becoming the Digital Imperative

•Digital Commerce can allow organizations to pivot quickly to evolving business challenges and unlock new revenue streams

•Our customers have seized the opportunity by selling direct to end users

 Marketplace Functionality

Organizations are supporting their partners (dealers and/or distributors) by creating a powerful commerce platform that enables digital commerce. The benefits include:

•Customers can purchase digitally via a partner branded experience

•Partners do not need to stand up their own commerce site

•Organizations capture sell out data to the end customer by the transaction occurring on their platform

 Streamline Retail Execution

Current challenges have escalated retail outlets and convenience stores' desires to procure products to sell in a digital way. This includes:

Self-registering for a digital experience

•Buying online quickly and efficiently Predictive analytics, based on buying history, for intelligent re-ordering

•Results in improved profit margins and increased brand loyalty


No matter what business challenges your organization is facing, our team of B2B Commerce experts can help. Please reach out to us at contact@acumensolutions.com and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.