The Franchise Market is Growing, Are You?

The only way to harness growth in the franchise market is to leverage a solution that empowers sales, marketing, and service teams. Learn more about how to successfully manage franchises.

What the 21st Century IDEA Act Means for Federal Agencies

From modernizing websites to digitizing all forms and services, the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) aims to make sweeping reforms over the digital experience associated with federal agencies.

Embedding Change Management into an Agile World: Digital Transformations in the Public Sector

Solutions for the public sector need to be more than just smart—they require agility if you want to keep pace with new demands, legislation, and the increased scale of public sector projects. By definition, “agility” is the capacity to think and act quickly. Iterative development infuses agencies with the ability to “turn on a dime,” a necessary skill in an environment that is constantly evolving. 

Transparency and Technology: Auto Giants Find the Key to Growth

To overcome fierce competition, auto brands are forging a fresh relationship with their dealers; one that relies on collaboration, transparency, and trust. Working together helps dealers increase productivity and improve the customer’s dealership experience, while enabling auto brands to stimulate growth and gain valuable insight from the end-customer. Realizing these benefits, however, all depends on implementing the right solution as well as finding a partner that can navigate the nuances of the auto industry and a complex manufacturer-dealer relationship.

Transforming the Federal Contact Center

Today, many federal agencies are in a bind: their contact center needs overhauling, but it seems like an overwhelming task which will consume too many resources. However, agencies are now required to meet service standards amid new regulations. Fortunately, this transformation can be more manageable than it first appears. The question is, can a significant improvement in customer service be realized in merely months, not years?

What Do Customers Think of Federal Contact Centers?


How to Beat the Competition Through Effective Sales Forecasting

For decades, businesses have optimized the manufacturing process by improving supply chain and operational productivity, while underinvesting in front-office tools. In doing so, manufacturers have sunk reams of money into optimizing back-end production operations. 

How to Survive and Thrive in the New Age of Retail

Do your customers enjoy a unified service experience? In today’s retail landscape, a cohesive and seamless customer service experience across multiple channels and devices is not an option, it’s an expectation.

Change Management: The Key to Enterprise Project Success

Change is inevitable, so why is it so hard for organizations to implement changes aimed at increasing productivity and profitability? Despite the importance of upgrades, many organizations find that it isn't the tech itself that poses the biggest challenge. Instead, it's how to deal with resistance from employees and gain buy-in from all stakeholders. If this doesn't happen, even implementations that start with the best intentions cannot achieve their full potential. 

Effortless Customer Service: 5 Key Design Principles

By 2020, customer service will be the only battlefield left for businesses. In order to provide effortless customer service that is better than your competitors, you must adhere to 5 key business design principles.

5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Mobile Retail Solutions

Learn how analytics-driven, mobile cloud-based retail solutions can optimize inventory management, marketing, and merchandising for retailers.