From modernizing websites to digitizing all forms and services, the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) aims to make sweeping reforms over the digital experience associated with federal agencies.

Signed into law on December 20, 2018, the IDEA Act speaks to a new age in which technological modernization is not an option, but a requirement. In order to quickly comply with the new act, agencies need to find a way to modernize in months, not years.

New requirements can’t be addressed by technology alone.

Digital transformation in the public sector will take more than just technology upgrades. Change management within federal organizations is mandatory in order to meet the demands of new regulations. Many organizations are looking to outside vendors to assist with the transition. Acumen Solutions helps federal agencies achieve IDEA Act compliance by adopting modern technology and digital practices.

Get ahead of the 21st Century IDEA Act by understanding the major aspects of the legislation and what they mean for the public sector.
Website Modernization
The new regulations will require federal agency websites to meet specific criteria for ease of use. Websites, web-based forms, and applications must be fully functional on mobile devices, accessible to individuals with disabilities, contain a search feature for public use, and more. 

According to the new act, federal organizations must maintain a digital presence that is “designed around user needs with data-driven analysis influencing management and development decisions, using qualitative and quantitative data to determine user goals, needs, and behaviors.”
Federal organizations will have 180 days after the IDEA Act is instituted to redesign all web applications to comply with the new regulations. One year after the date of enactment, federal agencies will be mandated to submit a report to Congress that includes a list of the organization’s websites and digital services for public use. The report will list online sources that require modernization, a cost estimate, and a schedule for updating the digital systems. Agency leaders will be responsible for ensuring these Act requirements are met.
Digitization of Government Services and Forms
The 21st Century IDEA Act will require federal organizations to “identify public non-digital, paper-based, or in-person government services” and make them available online. Offline services will need to be converted to digital formats for the public. Similar to the web modernization regulation, services and forms must be easily accessible and mobile-friendly. Federal agency leaders will be held accountable for the transition via submission of appropriate documentation to Congress.
Digitization of Government Services and Forms
By implementing specific IDEA Act regulations, federal agencies shall achieve a nation-wide standard for all digital practices. Each federal organization will maintain a similar digital experience supporting future transitions to centralized shared services.

Here's how to act quickly to meet new requirements.

Rapid changes brought on by the 21st Century IDEA Act mean that federal agencies will be pushed to quickly meet new regulations. With so many digital applications, forms, and services needing to be redesigned and upgraded, federal agencies are working with vendors to initiate the transformation. Acumen Solutions can help federal agencies make this transition quickly and successfully. As a leader in improving digital customer-centric experiences, we can help federal agencies achieve IDEA Act compliance. Here’s how:
Channel Assessment and Correspondence Management
Customers today have high expectations for service. Our Channel Assessment experts review the client’s digital contact channels and make improvements in performance and ease of use. Let us handle your agency’s digital experience and service delivery to meet IDEA Act requirements.
Once your organization’s delivery channels are optimized, we implement a Correspondence Management solution to listen, connect, and respond to incoming communications quickly and accurately. Our technology makes it easy for federal agencies to collaborate with personnel and other government organizations.
Any Channel Engagement (ACE) Centers
Outdated business processes and systems can significantly limit an agency’s ability to provide high-quality and effective service. Our Any Channel Engagement (ACE) Centers solution enables federal agencies to implement a customer experience center that can provide better service and a flawless user experience in months, not years. Acumen Solutions has already helped several federal entities meet the requirements for the Federal Agency Customer Experience (FACE) Act of 2017. Our ACE Centers solution can help you comply with the IDEA Act as well.
Here’s what our customers have to say: “[ACE Centers] has made an indelible mark on the immigration system. Allowing officers to do their job more easily has increased the flow of information to our customers, which helps reduce processing times and increase transparency in the immigration process.”
On-Demand Analytics
The IDEA Act’s website modernization initiative requires federal agency leaders to analyze qualitative and quantitative data to make web development decisions that improve the user experience.
Acumen Solutions offers On-Demand Analytics to public organizations to make performance-driven decisions. Expedite the process of upgrading your digital resources with our help. We support our customers by accelerating transformations that benefit their business.
Agile Change Management
Making the IDEA Act transition requires more than just innovative technology. The change needs buy-in from all team members to be successful. In the public sector, it can be difficult to make changes to technology and digital processes rapidly. Even when updating technology systems seems clear-cut, problems can arise.
We show federal agencies how to manage agile change within the organization. Our project consultants help you increase the bandwidth of internal teams, provide knowledge to utilize new solutions, and monitor benchmarks and insight.
With this new legislation in effect, federal agencies need to adopt modern technology and digital practices. In order to succeed, they need to work with an integration partner that understands their unique needs and all of the requirements of the new federal regulation. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you prepare for the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA).


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