Our client, a $2 billion global Manufacturer of Engineered Rubber Products, interacts with thousands of customers daily. Striving to provide richer customer service, they struggled with ineffective content and customer management tools. Despite best efforts, it was difficult for employees assist customers in a meaningful way. We helped out customer streamline and standardize the business processes across the organization to optimize resources, increase productivity, and enhance service delivery.

Business Challenge

The Manufacturer did not have an adequate Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) platform to help their customer service team manage customer interactions. They were unable to gain insights into their customer’s issues. Additionally, customer service representatives had no way to easily share information between departments regarding a customer issue. These challenges made it difficult to provide acceptable customer service. Along with improving customer service processes, they wanted a way to revitalize their current Content Management System (CMS) so it could better serve their organization. Specifically, they wanted a CMS that would integrate with their chosen CRM platform. Lastly, they wanted to enhance their Custom Pricing Quotes (CPQ) process so that it would integrate into their chosen CRM platform and SAP PI (YCPR) system to better support their sales and other back office teams.


In order to help achieve their business goals, Acumen Solutions implemented Salesforce Service Cloud case management/asset for the entire organization. We implemented Chatter, dashboards, and customized reports to improve the way the customer service team handled customer issues. At the time, they were utilizing OnBase as their document management system (DMS) to help manage emails, faxes, etc related to customer services. We replaced this system with Salesforce Email-to-Case and migrated all of the existing content into Salesforce so that all of their information was consolidated into one central system. We updated their CPQ process by building an entirely new CPQ system in Salesforce that is synchronized to their quote processing in SAP with automated notifications, auto-generated pdf documents, and reporting.

Return on Investment

By implementing Salesforce and updating the CMS platform and CPQ process, Acumen Solutions helped our customer increase efficiencies within their organizations. Using Salesforce, the customer service team has improved collaboration and information sharing, which allows them to better serve customers and resolve cases faster. Replacing the OnBase platform with a single integrated system reduced the amount of time employees spent navigating multiple systems and the number of data-entry errors.  Now customer service representatives are more efficient and the sales team is better able to sell using a streamlined quoting process that leaves the team more time to serve other customers.