The right suite of tools empowers both store sales teams and call center service agents to increase sales and boost productivity.

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What happens when you have the wrong tools?

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Fumbling between systems to access disparate customer data.

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Lack of predictive capabilities to cross and up-sell.

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Inconsistent and frustrating experience for the customer.

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What happens when you have the right tools?

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Complete view into service, marketing, and in-store customer data.

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Cross and up-selling opportunities powered by AI.

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Cohesive brand experience across channels and locations.

Retail success depends on:

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A unified customer experience across all points of commerce, marketing and service, and a shopping experience with built-in predictive intelligence.

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A 360-degree view of the customer, untethered to legacy systems, that provides real time inventory, order capabilities, a faster ramp time for agents.

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Personalized connections throughout the customer journey, and a 1:1 customer experience across email, mobile, social and commerce with marketing automation.

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Tools for retail field service, sales and store associates to optimize sales, brand performance, inventory management for a seamless in-store shopping experience.

What can brands achieve through a suite of tools that bridge the entire enterprise?

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  • Increased Revenue
  • Improved Productivity
  • Customer Loyalty

Acumen Solutions enables retailers to ramp up their omni-channel strategy, foster in-store engagement, streamline store audits, and dramatically improve employee retention. Are you confident about your customers’ experience? Contact Acumen Solutions to find out about our retail solutions, such as Connected Customer Service, Smart Information Filtering Tool (SIFT™), SmartStore, Channel Assessment and more.

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