SmartStore™ allows retailers to create personalized, interactive in-store shopping experiences, bringing a retailer’s omni-channel marketing strategy into the store where 80% of consumers purchases happen.

Using BTLE beacon technology and smart customer loyalty apps, SmartStore™ provides retailers unparalleled insight into their customers' behaviors and preferences by giving them the ability to create a personalized in-store shopping experiences for customers, while also driving demand. SmartStore™ turns any customer's phone into a personal shopping concierge that engages shoppers with while they shop with incentives, product information, and customized recommendations.

SmartStore™ enhances your omni-channel strategy with long-term customer loyalty, growth, and increased conversions.

Collaborate Easily

Branded Solution

SmartStore™ is the only beacon solution that integrates with your CRM systems and provides personalization based on rich customer data. Through SmartStore™, companies gain real-time data analytics making it easier to engage with customers and create branded marketing messages specific to their interests.

Respond Across All Channels

Personalized Customer Engagement

Transform your customer's smartphone into an engagement engine. SmartStore™ provides companies with detailed customer preferences and feedback based on retail floor models and with site campaigns and promotions. Companies can leverage SmartStore™ to create personalized incentives to drive store visits and product sales. By pulling data from your CRM, SmartStore™ allows you to extend traditional displays with digital aids that give customers an in-depth view into the products they care about.

Smartstore stramlines payments.

Empower Your Store to Sell More

Through SmartStore™, companies can automate product suggestions based on customer interest to increase Units per Transactions (UPT). SmartStore™ allows customers to streamline checkout through a mobile payment system. Once the sale is complete, companies can leverage SmartStore™ to access and analyze the vast amount of customer data to create targeted follow-up campaigns based on an individual's in-store behavior.


How It Works

While a customer shops, SmartStore™ collects individualized location data using small beacons placed throughout a retail store. This data reveals which departments a customer spends time in and which products they're interested in so that you can push targeted offers and customized messages in real-time. All information is stored in that customer's Salesforce profile, allowing you to create tailored follow-up marketing campaigns.

Designed to be a part of your mobile loyalty app, SmartStore™ integrates mobile functionality, BTLE beacons, Salesforce Marketing and Service Clouds, and your POS systems. Combining detailed in-store location data with Salesforce results in a richer, more personalized customer experience like never before.