Collaborate with teachers, parents, and partner schools. Track and compare performance across time and location.

SchoolForce is Data Driven

SchoolForce® is Data Driven

The most powerful tool for improving student learning is real-time student performance data. Well presented data will engage teachers, parents, and students to help them make better decisions in order to maximize outcomes. In today’s current landscape, the lack of real-time data prevents administrators and teachers from identifying and responding to gaps in student knowledge and from correlating curriculum with academic results. The future of education lies with real-time solutions that provide immediate insights into mastery of standards, effectiveness of instructional strategies, and collaboration between schools and districts.

SchoolForce is Open

SchoolForce® is Open

We customize the SchoolForce® Solution with our SchoolForce® professional consultation services, to help enterprise education customers achieve better student outcomes. All educators, no matter their location or focus, desire improvement for students around the world. To that end, the SchoolForce program enables institutions to collaborate and share best practices and new product features as they are developed. For example, technologists in a Chicago school district can develop an academic tracking system which districts in Detroit can then use for free. With our open source platform and our philosophy of sharing, we provide an easy ability for you to leverage the investments made by others from across the nation! Further, you can easily configure the SchoolForce solution to adapt to the specific needs of your school. SchoolForce is built on the underlying technology of, a leading innovator in cloud computing. Over 100,000 organizations use Salesforce solutions, ensuring that the platform is reliable, secure, and scalable to even the largest districts.

SchoolForce is Highly Usable

SchoolForce® is Highly Usable

By delivering a comprehensive, fully integrated and interoperable student performance management system, SchoolForce eliminates traditional challenges associated with solid data and systems. Users access the information, reporting, and analytics they need in one easy-to-use online application. Simple and flexible user interfaces make it easy for teachers and administrators to perform their daily tasks, and a robust portal delivers timely information to students and parents.



How It Works

At the foundation of SchoolForce is what we call SchoolForce Core. This collection contains interrelated modules that come with all SchoolForce installations. Acumen Solutions built and designed these modules with guidance from our partner schools and districts. These include 11 different modules from Attendance, Behavior, and Gradebook, to Student Record, Student/Parent Portal, and Homework.

We are available to do custom work for organizations serving 20,000 or more students; this can include states, school districts, charter management organizations, and non-profits.