“What will it take to get every student on track to graduate from college or to attain a professional career?” That is the question the School District asked themselves when planning initiatives to improve a struggling school system, where student achievement was lackluster.
Business Challenge

One of the challenges that the School District sought to address was the confusing and labor intensive enrollment system that often led to dissatisfaction among parents and other stakeholders. Each charter school operated independently with its own decision-making timeline and acceptance processes. Additionally, students outside of a school’s district may not have a chance to apply to those charter schools, and many parents felt that special needs students faced acceptance discrimination. After years of complaints, the School District realized that it needed to fix its school-matching process for students and parents and utilize better tools to ensure all students receive a fair chance to attend the schools they want.


Acumen Solutions was hired to implement an Application and Enrollment Management system on the SchoolForce managed package to facilitate the current enrollment processes for the public charter schools, providing an advanced Solution for student-school matching. The project involved the implementation of an enrollment management system that would allow the schools to track student enrollment history and discharge codes. The system would allow separate schools within a LEA to access other schools’ information and data, while working from a centralized system where student information would be stored.
Acumen Solutions also designed and generated several much-needed reports for the schools in order to increase visibility within the enrollment process. These reports allowed school employees to see which of their current students had submitted enrollment applications, which students had been accepted for the new school year, seat availability information per grade at each school, and more!

Return on Investment

This project was essential to the School District meeting one of their key commitments; to develop a citywide enrollment system for direct-run and charter schools. The first part of the enrollment system was launched in less than four weeks. For the first time, the School District has a tool to collect applications in one centralized location, allowing parents to submit only one school enrollment application and increasing the presence of neighborhood children in different schools.