When people are the principal vehicle of revenue, there is plenty of room for success - and error. For professional services firms, success is based on maturing relationships, aligning skilled resources, and delivering tangible results. However, for most firms, a tangle of people, processes, and legacy technology can cause more friction than drive business and profitability. If this sounds familiar, the good news is that improvements have been made to streamline this process. 
Acumen Solutions empowers organizations to sell and execute more effectively, all without overburdening employees. Our tools deliver value across the full span of professional services operations by: 
  • Driving the bottom line through improved business development processes, such as automating the creation of bids, while determining and authorizing the ROI on business development efforts
  • Increasing project profitability through resource management, project productivity tools, and risk management
  • Reducing operational inefficiencies from back-office operations, systems, and employee turnover

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