Aesynt (now part of Omnicell) develops pharmacy, nursing, and surgical automation solutions. Acumen Solutions implemented a Salesforce solution that introduced transformative forecasting, collaboration, and workflow functionality into Aesynt’s business operations.

Business Challenge

Despite its place as an industry leader in providing innovative and automated solutions to its clients, Aesynt struggled to mirror this success in adapting its legacy sales system, Salestrak, to its established sales process. Design constraints limited the system’s scalability, forced sales teams to perform cumbersome marketing tasks manually, and inhibited data collection and information sharing between co-workers. These digital barriers elongated the sales process, decreased overall productivity, and inhibited Aesynt's ability to collect and draw critical insights from its sales data.


Acumen Solutions proposed a solution powered by Salesforce Service Cloud to help Aesynt overcome the barriers to success imposed by their legacy system. Our expert consulting delivery team incorporated parallel work streams and applied Service Cloud concepts and design elements to grant Aesynt a best-in-class cloud enterprise transformation, including an updated Account Hierarchy and integration with 3rd-party data sources such as Group. Acumen Solutions also deployed and integrated an extensive customization of a 3rd-party Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) AppExchange application with the main Salesforce platform. In addition to process automation, Acumen Solutions delivered advanced forecasting and roll-up functionality with adjustments, rationale, and traceability for greater transparency within the organization.

Return on Investment

Service Cloud increased the visibility, collaboration, and accountability within Aesynt; reduced contract cycle time by consolidating the process into one database; and empowered sales teams with accurate and predictive revenue estimates. Aesynt noticed greater user adoption and activity compared to the legacy system due to improved access functionality and user-friendliness, meaning Aesynt's Return on Investment was truly enterprise-wide. The flexibility and scalability of the solution delivered marked improvements in productivity across the entire Aesynt enterprise, including the sales, marketing, accounting, and legal departments.