Founded in 1971, the Company is a Nutritional Supplement, Wellness Products and Vitamin company acquired, two years ago, for just under $4 Billion. The Company is undergoing a massive technology upgrade, led by the implementation of a complex Salesforce Service Console that encompasses both traditional service components, as well as order entry processes.

Business Challenge

The Company is one of the leading suppliers of nutritional and wellness products and vitamins. They distribute its products to supermarkets, drug store chains, mass merchandisers, club stores, and health food stores under various brand names, as well as selling direct-to-consumer. With such a massive supply chain, they sought a way to create a positive customer experience by upgrading and streamlining services in two call centers.


In order to improve their customer service experience, Acumen Solutions implanted the Salesforce Service Console at 2 main dispersed call centers, located in New York and Illinois and 2 overflow call centers in Texas and Pennsylvania. Our team also built a Customized Order Entry Wizard to facilitate the success of Blended Agents (Case + Order takers). Along with a customized order wizard, Acumen Solutions implemented a full Multi-Channel deployment that allows call center employees to compile information from various channels such as: IVR, Phone/CTI, Email-to-Case, Live Agent, Web-to-Case, and Mail Order. The system now allows for predictive product recommendations for up-sell and cross–sell via AgilOne.

Return on Investment

Through our implementation of Salesforce, Acumen Solutions was able to migrate over 4.2M+ order records, 2M+ contact records, and 14M+ notes records. Now their customer service team is able to handle the vast amount of data volumes they receive each day.  With over 250 live console users, their team is equipped to handle over 10,000 orders per day quickly and efficiently.