As nonprofit organizations make significant interventions in response to the pandemic, they are quickly adjusting to the changing needs of their constituents while navigating financial and operational challenges. Staying connected, responsive, resilient and relevant during these uncertain times is essential for managing risk and growth planning. 

In response to this growing need, our world-class team of Nonprofit Digital Solution Experts here at Acumen Solutions is here to help quickly identify areas of greatest need and deliver recommendations for transformative solutions that will propel them forward to achieve their mission.

Challenging Fundraising Environment Can Limit Impact on Mission

Make strategic moves during the crisis that pave the way for success:

  • Recommend areas for optimization to mitigate fundraising event loss and donor uncertainty
  • Assess and map essential fundraising workflows to optimize processes given remote work (e.g. gift agreements with electronic approval and signatures)
  • Evaluate dependence on fundraising revenue sources, create strategies for diversification based on calculation of ROI

 How Do You Make Your Nonprofit’s Message Stand Out?

By assessing your nonprofit’s current communication strategies and tailoring them to the COVID-19 landscape, your organization can increase its likelihood of having the right message reach the right audience at the right time:

  • Evaluate employee and external constituent communication & service channels in order to ensure consistent messaging across all channels (call centers, email, SMS, digital surveys, etc.)
  • Assess and map automated and manual workflows to ensure optimum efficiency with present and future staffing strategies 
  • Advising on remote employee management & engagement since almost all of the country and world are now working in a remote environment


  Program and Project Delivery Must Adapt to the Current Challenges 

Optimized service delivery and supply chain management will mitigate risks and maximize impact:

  • Assess current operations and workflows and identify areas for enhancement
  • Evaluate command center needs and prioritize rapid response deployment
  • Prioritize sustainability: Establish an ongoing operating capability
  • Evaluate current KPI’s and Measurement and Evaluation digital solutions to ensure relevancy and areas for adjustment based on recent challenges
  • Advise on current internal and external data sources for reporting and dashboard needs and recommend other indicators as needed

Why Acumen Solutions?

Acumen Solutions provides Fortune 500, public sector organizations, and enterprise nonprofit organizations with large-scale cloud transformation, implementation, and integration services. Headquartered outside of Washington D.C., Acumen Solutions was founded in 1999 and has been a Salesforce Partner and Systems Integrator for 15+ years. Acumen Solutions is a Premium Partner, the highest tier of partnership for nonprofit and educational clients, and has implemented CRM, fundraising, marketing and data management solutions for numerous large, complex nonprofit organizations.

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