This National Service Organization is an education focused, nonprofit organization that unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service to keep students in school. With the help of Acumen Solutions, they are spending less time on data-entry and more time changing the lives of the children they serve.

Business Challenge

The National Service Organization required an application that would support the quick entry of intervention data by Corp Members in order to collect meaningful data that would demonstrate intervention efficacy (“Interventions Module”). The Interventions Module needed to be easy-to-use and minimize data-entry time so that Corps Members can spend more time working with children instead of a bogged down system.


Acumen Solutions chose to leverage's SchoolForce as the platform on which the Interventions Module would be built. The implementation of SchoolForce consisted of three phase efforts. Acumen Solutions sought to understand the complex integration between SchoolForce and the Organization’s Student Level Data Mart (SLDM), perform analysis on the Interventions Module and business process review, and create a custom Intervention Module prototype. We worked with the Organizations' IT owners to develop the Interventions Module based on the approved prototype. Our consultants then developed materials and trained over 200 users to start using the Interventions Module across 24 sites with the goal of having 3,000 users on the platform.

Return on Investment

Acumen Solutions worked with the Organization's evaluations team and determined that the amount of data entry time that the entire organization could save in a year ranges from 35,700 to 72,000 hours. The Organization has 24 sites in which it serves in the United States, so on average, each site saves approximately 75 hours per week due to our implementation of SchoolForce!