Learn How to Deliver the Right Message At the Right Time to Your Customers

Pervasive and essential, U.S. consumers never leave home without their smartphones. Based on an independent study performed by Braun Research, Inc., nearly half of respondents stated that they couldn’t last 24 hours without their cellphones – 13% of which wouldn’t be able to go an hour without it.

Cell phones are the way consumers choose to interact with the world – they prefer to interact through their phone. Whether it’s checking Facebook or making a mobile deposit to their bank account, people use their phones to socialize, communicate, transact work and connect. It is a tremendous opportunity for marketers to engage with consumers at the moments that matter most.

Identifying Your Customer: Meeting Their Needs

Many marketers struggle to be relevant, desperately searching for the right time and for the right message. The right message at the wrong time just creates noise and doesn’t deliver value to the consumer. Consider this, if a consumer is in a store, it should indicate to a marketer that the consumer is in need of something. Anything that a marketer can do to encourage that consumer to buy – assist in converting the sale, or potentially upsell –  is a huge opportunity. In order to know when your consumer is in a store and determine what they may be shopping for, you must first know your customer’s preferences. Building a customer profile is incredibly important – you can’t engage with them at the right time if you don’t know anything about them.

Historically, businesses have known very little about their customers. Direct marketing methods push messages to everyone hoping to resonate with someone. It was, and still is, a very unfocused approach, with poor (2%) response rates. Some would argue that using detailed customer profiles raises privacy concerns and could cause a backlash, especially amongst millennials. Progressive retailers have proven otherwise. Consumers are willing to trade privacy for added convenience. They are willing to share information if it makes an aspect of their lives easier. If you miss the moment, the same message is ignored. Smart marketers are investing in data collection and analytics technologies that help identify those connections at scale. They are focused on creating mobile moments that matter. Their sales results show it.

Capturing Consumer Data

Before you can create a personalized mobile moment, you need to collect information about your consumers. Insight into order history is a start, but not enough. You need likes and dislikes. You need more information and your consumer will give it to you if you make it easy and offer value. Value can be significant cost savings or it can be convenience for shopping selections. We suggest starting with the basics and then enhancing the profile by other means. Creativity is proving to be the most effective strategy here. Create a mobile interface that engages the customer to tell you about themselves in exchange for more personalized interactions.

Once you’ve captured the basics, enhance! New technologies help to create consumer profiles by mining social data and then augmenting those using sophisticated analytics. Your goal must be to identify what matters to your customer and what they value – and you may be surprised to learn that it won’t all be about discounts.

We can help you optimize your customer’s experience by identifying mobile engagement moments and personalizing information that matters. If you are on the cusp of a marketing transformation initiative and you’d like some additional guidance, Acumen Solutions are the experts in Mobile Marketing Engagement Strategy and Execution. We will help design customer profiles and journeys, and personalization strategies. We then leverage technologies to drive economies of scale unimagined before in the sales and marketing arena.

With our guidance, CMOs can embrace driving vision throughout their organizations. Contact us today to get started.

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