Lower the time, cost and risks associated with implementing end-to-end connected product solutions.

Machine to Cloud (M2Cloud) capitalizes on the explosion of connected products, or smart things, that share never before captured data to improve business processes and customer experiences. Our solution combines PTC ThingWorx's industry-leading IoT platform with the Salesforce CRM platform to reduce the time, cost, and risks associated with delivering connected cloud, mobile and social applications.

Collaborate Easily

Extend Business Processes to Delight Customers

The M2Cloud solution enables connected products to automatically create cases for service incident management, preventative maintenance, and predictive service. Connected devices can alert you when they need replenishment or a technician to be dispatched.

Organizations enable a transformative customer experience by personalizing customer engagement, automating service orders, and creating a new product management paradigm where devices improve over time.

Respond Across All Channels

Improve Customer Relationships with Analytics

Data collected from connected products enable sophisticated predictive failure analysis and personalized customer engagement using equipment operation and usage data. Over time, organizations have the big data they need to benchmark product performances based off of individual customer behaviors.

Get the right information quickly

Provide New Service Opportunities

Connected products transmit a wealth of information to dramatically improve the way organizations provide field service. Imagine providing condition-based maintenance, collaborative troubleshooting, and remote monitoring, alerting, diagnostics and device updates.


How It Works

Connected products produce data. To change business processes, organizations must digest and analyze data and have applications that can act on insights in real-time. Our M2Cloud solution allows us to rapidly create connected apps using PTC ThingWorx.

PTC Thingworx's platform allows us to build applications quickly and leverage connectivity solutions to connect products, devices, sensors and industrial equipment to the cloud. We digest machine data and drive workflow using context-based orchestrations. The applications we build provide connected product management and predictive analytics.

To improve the customer experience, that data needs to be mapped to customers. M2Cloud harnesses the power of Salesforce's CRM suite to associate customer profiles and customer context. Salesforce Sales and Marketing Cloud drives customer journeys, customer engagement, and 1:1 sales/marketing. Salesforce Service Cloud supports service management, field service, and knowledge management.

We integrate these platforms using pre-built bi-directional RESTful APIs and mash-up PTC ThingWorx IoT visualizations into Salesforce and mobile apps.

Interested in how we utilize M2Cloud? Download one of our Salesforce Extension for PTC ThingWorx here, or contact us to learn more!