Customers, members, constituents; regardless of who your organization serves, contact centers have shifted from a “low-touch” channel to one that can make or break the service experience. The ease of use when calling in for support can have a tremendous impact on how an organization is perceived. It’s a chance to make a positive impression, or sear in a sense of frustration.
Historically, standing up a telephony system took an exorbitant amount of resources. Not only did projects take upwards of a year to complete, they also mandated on-premise resources and hardware using closed proprietary solutions. The costs of these resources, which need to be continuously monitored and managed, quickly add up.
Now that times have changed, organizations that provide essential services through contact centers need a solution that is easier to implement and aligns with current business challenges and opportunities. When the telephony solution and the business applications behind call centers work in sync with each other, they can provide truly differentiating service.

Great Service Starts with Smart, Cloud-Based Telephony

Enter Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center telephony solution that is not only easy to set up, but also provides a suite of advanced self-service telephony tools. It stands apart from other telephony solutions on the market for a number of reasons. While most alternatives take up to a year to set up and require a whole host of on-premise hardware, Amazon Connect takes a matter of minutes to set up, is entirely cloud-based, and operates on a pay-for-use model. Amazon Connect is the perfect solution to a number of common telephony system problems such as:
  • Short and Long-Term Scalability: Whether you need to plan for business growth or be prepared for unpredictable spikes in demand, Amazon Connect automatically scales to your needs. For example, a nonprofit organization handling a crisis may unexpectedly need to scale up regional offices without slowing down their systems. 
  • Global Presence: In the past, establishing call centers around the world required opening up a physical call center location in each country. Now, organizations can have voice channels in multiple countries without a physical presence. 
  • Voice Innovation: By using Amazon Connect, along with other AWS services, organizations can avoid spending limited time and resources on business operations and instead focus on innovating the voice channel. 
  • Cost Efficiency: A unique pay-as-you-go model means you only pay for the minutes that your end-customer is connected to the service, plus any associated telephony services. A typical, 7-minute long service call can cost your organization as little as $0.27. With no required commitments and zero on-premise resources to manage, this means organizations save up to 50% in total call center costs. 
  • Time to Market: Previously, it could take nearly a year to select, align, and stand up a telephony solution. However, Amazon Connect can be set up in a matter of minutes, drastically reducing the time to market. 
From a user experience aspect, Amazon Connect touts capabilities that make calls predictive, personal, and natural. From the moment a customer calls in, the process of identifying the customer, providing the right self-service options, and routing the call to the right agent is powered by Amazon Connect and the entire Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem. The same Lex Interactive Voice Responder (IVR) technology used by Amazon Echo and Dot is also used by Amazon Connect to facilitate realistic automated conversations. Amazon Connect is a powerful solution for organizations in all industries, from hotels with reservation systems to government agencies serving their constituents.


The Streamlined, Omni-Channel Call Center

In addition to its standalone benefits, Amazon Connect can also be easily connected to Salesforce Service Cloud, thanks to Salesforce’s close partnership with AWS. By connecting Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud, organizations can fully integrate customer databases and other business intelligence information with their telephony solution. 

Acumen Solutions’ Any Channel Engagement (ACE) Centers With Amazon Connect:

How Federal Agencies Can Implement Customer-Centric Experience Centers in Months, Not Years

ACE Centers help agencies support their mission, increase agent productivity, decrease call volumes, decrease costs, maintain compliance, and identify opportunities for ongoing improvement. Any Channel Engagement (ACE) Centers provides an end-to-end answer for agencies, including: 
  1. AWS-based Telephony Solution
  2. Network Access, Contact Center Facilities, Hardware
  3. Full Salesforce Service Cloud Integration
  4. Phones, Computers, and Software
Our process involves assessing the current service framework in place and developing a strategy based on the best course of action.
The business challenges for call centers are familiar. Callers demand ease-of-use more than anything else, regardless of whether it’s through self-service options or a live agent. Agents need the right resources and a transparent view of the caller to be efficient. Salesforce Service Cloud streamlines the service process in order to save time and provide the highest level of service possible, solving problems like: 
  • Agent Productivity: With Amazon Connect, callers are routed to the agent with the best skill set to solve their problem. Agents are also equipped with the tools they need to quickly resolve cases and are provided with a 360-degree view of each caller. 

  • Process Automation: With the help of Lightning Flow, common service or approval processes can be automated and customized, saving the caller time and effort.
  • Omni-Channel Service: Organizations need a voice channel that seamlessly incorporates digital channels such as messaging, social, and chat. Salesforce Service Cloud enables consistent and personalized support across all of these channels. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): While they can’t replace live agents, AI-powered predictions and recommendations can make callers happier by delivering satisfying self-service, unlocking contextual recommendations, and delivering them to service agents that are informed and responsive. Additionally, chatbots can be utilized for fully automated use cases. 
  • Telephony Integration: By integrating the CRM technology and telephony solution, sales and service reps can have more meaningful conversations with their customers. Implementing an end-to-end voice channel solution is now easier than ever. 
When telephony and call center CRM systems work together, organizations can provide the kind of service that meets and exceeds growing customer expectations. 

SUCCESS STORY: Creating an Integrated Customer Journey for a Leading Global Hospitality Brand

5,400+ Locations            |            106 Countries            |​            14 Brands

Guests don’t receive the best reservation and customer care experience when agents are toggling between six different standalone applications. 
Acumen Solutions created a single, unified solution that provided a 360-degree view of all guests for our Hospitality client. Our solution, built using Salesforce Service Cloud, includes a custom developed search, book, modify, and cancel set of capabilities that are crucial for reservation agents. Channel components implemented include Case Management, Social Customer Service (Facebook & Twitter), Email, Live Agent Chat, Customer Self-Service Community, and CTI integration with Amazon Connect.


  • Fully-built solution supporting 6,000+ users worldwide in 16 languages
  • Streamlined user experience
  • Consolidation of several disparate support systems
  • Stable, high-performing cloud-based infrastructure, leveraging robust set of APIs

Rapid Voice Channel Transformations

The ease of integration between Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud offers another tangible benefit. Whereas before, organizations needed to manage two separate projects, one for a telephony system and another contact center CRM solution, now they can tackle both in one fell swoop. Implementations that would normally take years to undertake can now be fully functional in a matter of months. This is a big deal for organizations that need to act fast to improve the end-to-end voice channel experience, such as government agencies looking to comply with the Federal Agency Customer Experience (FACE) Act. 

Together, Technology and Strategy Experience Deliver Success

The service experience can’t be improved by technology alone. Proper business strategy must go hand-in-hand with technological improvements. With customer service as the last key differentiator, organizations need a fast and effective way to provide their callers with the best possible experience. Acumen Solutions has successfully completed over 2,000 enterprise-level implementations, helping organizations solve their challenges, improve productivity, and grow—all with a focus on customer satisfaction. Our Fortune 500 and public sector clients know that our experience delivers success. To learn more, contact us today.
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