A Leading University reached out to Acumen Solutions to help them consolidate their call center and student ticketing systems. A Leading University wanted to consolidate their call center and student ticketing systems.  They were using different systems to manage student files, academic records, advising information, and other relevant student data. Without a unified system, it was extremely difficult for advisors and student representatives to quickly and efficiently help students.

Business Challenge

The University used multiple systems to manage their prospective and current students. Business departments utilized disparate systems so there was never a full, integrated student view.  The university utilized two different call center ticketing tools (Parature and Remedy), which made tracking and resolving student issues equally challenging.  Seeking to alleviate some of the challenges, a few of the University’s service departments moved to Salesforce while other key student interaction groups continued to rely on legacy systems negatively impacting the student experience.


Acumen Solutions implemented Salesforce to consolidate and manage service desk tickets. The solution included Salesforce Service Cloud with Avaya CTI integration and custom data integration web services to provide real-time lookup to contact data stored in PeopleSoft. The Acumen Solutions team migrated over 900,000 contact records from the PeopleSoft system and all of the historical ticket data from Parature and Remedy.
In phase two of the implementation, Acumen Solutions retired a legacy CRM system to bring the student services groups into Salesforce. The solution involved the integration of Sales Cloud with Silverpop and additional enhancements to the Service Cloud. This granted the University the ability to send mass emails to their students and allowed for student cases to flow more easily between the service reps and advisors. The deep integration between PeopleSoft and Salesforce furnishes reps and advisors with more details about the students they serve.

Return on Investment

Acumen Solutions successfully retired two legacy-ticketing platforms and, through Salesforce, implemented a single ticket platform that standardized the student ticketing system. We performed CTI integration for all call desk agents and consolidated ticketing data to allow comprehensive operation reports. The seamless experience for call desk agents and, most importantly, end users delivers a transformed student experience. We then successfully retired a legacy CRM and incorporated the admissions and advising processes into Salesforce. This enabled the admissions, advising, and service reps to assist students from the time they began the enrollment process to the completion of their degree. By developing an end-to-end enterprise experience, the staff can quickly view the student’s university life cycle without relying upon multiple systems. Currently, ten departments (and counting) are onboarded!