To enable sales reporting at a global level, Acumen Solutions helped this Security Provider consolidate a variety of data sources into one Global Sales Hub (GSH).

Business Challenge

To report on their global sales pipeline, this Security Provider created a Global Sales Hub (GSH) which is a standalone Salesforce (SFDC) environment. The GSH combines sales pipeline data from multiple source systems, four separate SFDC instances and one Siebel CRM instance. In its current state, the GSH functions as a repository of aggregated opportunity data. However, limitations caused by existing data sets prevented the organization from maximizing its investment in the GSH.


Acumen Solutions developed a Proof of Concept (POC) in a sandbox environment to demonstrate how the manipulation of aggregated data in the GSH could be enhanced and shared to improve the client's sales process and outcomes. Specifically, the solution focused on enhancing the existing strategic account management processes across key global accounts within the GSH environment. To further enhance the client's GSH, Acumen Solutions expanded the current capabilities of the GSH to support the strategic sales effort in key vertical markets.  Acumen Solutions implemented several functional elements that focused on two global oil & gas customers. Our team developed a "project-centric" sales approach to centralize sales pursuits, which involved multiple account touchpoints as a part of a complex sales process.  

Acumen Solutions configured the system to import project data from an external 3rd-party data enrichment source (in this case, oil & gas projects as captured by an industry trusted market intelligence service - Industrial Info Resources or IIR). The team developed a commonly accepted account hierarchy within SFDC for these two companies by importing a corporate structure from Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B).

Lastly, to develop a single-view of a customer, Acumen Solutions utilized Informatica Cloud MDM (previously known as Data Scout), and leveraged its data cleansing capabilities, fuzzy matching capabilities, and account hierarchy.

Return on Investment

The POC allowed the client to understand and communicate to its leadership how a full-scale implementation would vastly improve their organization.  With an improved central database, the client can centrally identify and determine which projects to pursue. They can track opportunity data against a potential project opportunity to determine the best sales approach. This re-design provides greater global enablement, collaboration, and tracking. By utilizing 3rd-party applications, our client now has a single-view of the customer. With this new environment, our client can better analyze accounts (through reports and dashboards) to help prioritize sales activities, identify sales team needs, and modify sales approaches to better ensure sales success through opportunity capture and cross-selling.