This multi-billion dollar medical supplies firm provides services and products to healthcare providers and payers. From pharmaceuticals and supplies to sophisticated medical workflow solutions, their offerings help customers reduce costs, streamline processes, and most importantly - improve patient care and medication safety. 

Business Challenge

The Client, for contractual reasons, needed to upgrade from a legacy system that was not flexible enough to handle the new contact reporting deadlines. They chose Acumen Solutions to assist them with systems integration and the data and operational process challenge of migrating the 46,000 accounts and 22,000 related cases from their previous system into Salesforce Service Cloud. Our team needed to complete this task, within a three week deadline, without interrupting service to the contact center representatives (handling calls and emails).


Acumen Solutions installed and configured the Salesforce Service Cloud software and architected the data and system migration for a seamless and disruption-free service. The new software enabled the customized application to deliver case escalation rules, automated workflows, reporting complexity, and progress tracking against new contractual service level agreements. Acumen Solutions also migrated 46,000 accounts and 22,000 case records into the system, trained the contact center representatives, and negotiated with the vendor for an increased support window in order to cover the urgency level required by this program and the associated contract.

Return on Investment

The newly implemented system was able to deliver critical reporting and performance tracking requirements that met the client's contractual obligations within a rapid launch time of 3 weeks. It implemented a new ability to collect data that allowed the client to proactively identify process improvements and avoid bottlenecks, new visibility into 1st-call-reSolution, trend of average time to reSolution, order and issue status, and improved application response times.
The system significantly lowered implementation costs, produced relevant trend analysis insights, and brought clear visibility into the top 3-call-types; which allowed management to collaborate on reSolutions in a sufficient and timely manner. The system also delivered order statuses to the client’s customers via a shipping log and auto-email that sent customers their shipping status, preventing hundreds of inbound calls.