Acumen Solutions used the power of to help a Leading Machine Manufacturer meet their business goal of growing their business to 15 PINS by 2020 by increasing overall productivity and enhancing their Customer Experience.

Business Challenge

A Leading Machine Manufacturer set an aggressive goal to grow their business to 9 PINS by 2015 and to 15 PINS by 2020. Their team was also rigorously planning for the forecasted growth opportunities that were being identified in the Parts Aftermarket with 2 POPS per year. However, in order to achieve their 2015 goals, and create a framework of success for their future goals, they needed a way to increase their team’s productivity and enhance the customer experience.


In order for a deal to be closed using their current business processes, a technical engineer is required to work with a client engineer to ensure the product is fit for purpose. In order to reduce the time and effort spent during that process, the opportunity module within Salesforce was expanded using to bring the engineers on to the Salesforce platform to enable them to work more closely with the sales team. The regional application engineers also use the module to allocate the most suited engineer to an opportunity based on the priority of the client and current/future opportunities.

Return on Investment

Their engineers are now able to better manage their workload based on the priorities of the accounts set by senior management. By eliminating the use of spreadsheets to provide status updates to upper management, the engineers and sales team can spend more time collaborating to close deals. This Manufacturer also gained increased customer experience ratings for both the sales and engineering teams. By having the risks and issues contained within Salesforce, the client has increased visibility, allowing them to find commonalities of risks and issues across the region faster and more efficiently.