A Leading Global Health and Life Science Company produces a patented DNA test kit for canines, which requires efficient and scalable underlying systems and business processes. They approached Acumen Solutions to assist in the development of such a platform to support the anticipated growth of the test kit.

Business Challenge

Focused on growing their test kit division (TKD), major problems affected the success of the team’s day-to-day operations. The current business process used by the TKD was neither efficient nor scalable for the anticipated growth of the product. Their systems were disparate and did not give the TKD adequate visibility into the product lifecycle. The TKD lacked automated tools and processes to help with their day-to-day tasks. The TKD utilized spreadsheets and word documents to track product life-cycles and customer service issues, making version control and document updates a nightmare. TKD’s reliance on a paper-based system made activities such as collaboration, data tracking, and information gathering nearly impossible.


Acumen Solutions leveraged the power of the Salesforce Service Cloud to digitize and streamline their business processes within the TKD. Our successful implementation of Service Cloud integrated the accounting and purchasing systems into one efficient and cohesive system, reducing errors and redundancy. With Salesforce, the TKD gained visibility into every aspect of the test kit product life-cycle including ordering, shipping/tracking, activation, replacements, and refunds. They are now also able to effortlessly capture and track customer service issues and easily provide feedback on those issues to the customer via email.

Return on Investment

As a Salesforce Global Strategic Cloud Alliance Partner, we know how to leverage our vast amount of expertise to ensure that the company, and the TKD, achieves the results they need. By utilizing Acumen Solutions, a proven Salesforce consulting company, they gained increased organizational efficiency by leveraging our well-defined, well-documented business processes that are supported by the Salesforce platform. Our consulting team was able to integrate five different service operations into one user-friendly system. By consolidating the multitude of systems into one, the TKD team now accesses one system to gain a true 360-degree view of their customers. That, coupled with Salesforce’s ability to provide real-time, systematic reports, allows for a more comprehensive understanding of TKD’s product life-cycle/health and their entire division.