A Leading Financial Institution requested that Acumen Solutions define efficient business processes to handle investor related inquiries and exceptions. They wanted a dynamic, scalable solution that would make interactions with Limited Partners more efficient and provide fundraisers with valuable information pertaining to their customers.

Business Challenge

The Customer sought help to design and implement an investor-centric solution that would unify how it interacted with its investors while providing fundraisers greater visibility into investor needs. Prior to this system implementation, investor requests were tracked manually and efforts to resolve them were often duplicated, disjointed, and required the involvement of multiple departments depending on the source and request type.


We wanted to build a platform that was innovative and adaptable—that would also integrate with their existing standard business applications. By utilizing Salesforce, we aimed to create a more simplified and manageable Investor Request process while also integrating fundraising capabilities into the solution. Our Solution would allow them to better manage the way they interact with their investors. With Salesforce, they can manage all investor activities and fundraising opportunities in one place. Acumen Solutions also implemented processes and technology to support data quality, preventing duplicate contact information from proliferating within the Salesforce Solution.

Return on Investment

By integrating the Customer’s existing business applications into Salesforce, we created a higher degree of visibility into the information and data that the organization possesses; thus making it easier for them to make smart informed business decisions. Salesforce also provides a 360-degree view into investor profiles by tying together investor requests and interactions, while linking them to historic information pertaining to that specific investor. We also created an automated response process that creates an investor request ticket and notifies key internal personnel and the Investor anytime an Investor Request is sent. The Customer is now able to better manage investor communications and process Investor Requests 75% faster.