In an effort to combat an outdated CRM platform, this Education Non-Profit conceived the CRM Next Generation Project to address key pain points experienced when utilizing its primary CRM system and supporting systems. They reached out to Acumen Solutions to evaluate its current state CRM processes and make recommendations for the implementation of a next-generation CRM system.

Business Challenge

As the leading provider of standardized test for High School and College Students, the Non-Profit engages with millions of customers on a daily basis. Their legacy Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system was not well integrated with other key business systems and did not fully support all of their CRM processes. This lead to data de-normalization, re-work, and other inefficiencies, within the organization, as users worked through the customer relationship lifecycle.


Acumen Solutions was able to analyze over 40 departmental processes to determine how to best: establish cross-divisional client engagement business processes and corresponding governance; implement enhanced data integration and consolidation; and replace the pivotal CRM application with a more robust, industry-standard application. By creating over 40 detailed process maps, Acumen Solutions was able to design a single unified process that supplanted intensely manual, siloed processes, with a single, enterprise-wide CRM Account and Opportunity management flow. We implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud to replace the Non-Profit’s legacy CRM system along with numerous spreadsheets and Access databases.

Return on Investment

With a new innovative Customer Relationship Manager platform, the Non-Profit now has a system in place that will be able to grow and expand with their organization while enabling their team to diversify its programs due to the scalability of Salesforce Sales Cloud.