Acumen Solutions maintains a successful partnership with a Leading Cable Provider, having implemented a number of projects since 2007 that has transformed the way the Provider does business.
Prior to Acumen Solutions’ project implementations, the Cable Provider's Direct Field Sales group for Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB) struggled with a laborious, highly office-centric sales process that made it difficult for sales representatives to sell successfully in the field.

Business Challenge

In 2007, a Leading Cable Provider (LCP) enlisted the help of Acumen Solutions in revolutionizing the sales approach of their SMB Direct Field sales team. Arduous and often office-centric sales processes made it difficult for field teams to provide potential customers with up-to-date, competitive pricing. Often teams were required to make multiple site visits, ultimately elongating the sales cycle. Additionally, business information was siloed across multiple systems with no centralized database for efficient retrieval, resulting in delayed or lost opportunities, and hours wasted hunting for elusive data items.


To overcome these business challenges, Acumen Solutions introduced designs for a custom native iPad app that empowered sales teams to execute all phases of the sales cycle in the field. The app enabled representatives to generate quotes, proposals, and contracts on-site. Acumen Solutions partnered with DocuSign, the world’s leading e-signature company, to reduce site visits needed to close deals. Sales teams could use the app to retrieve location specific offer information from a dynamic pricing engine, designed by Acumen Solutions and powered by Salesforce, that pulls pricing data from the legacy order management system. Acumen Solutions designed the engine for localization and scalability, enabling the iPad app to reflect market or region-specific pricing terms as well as updates to promotions, and new or retired products.

Return on Investment

SMB has experienced tremendous improvements in Direct Field Sales since the adoption of the iPad application. Order submission time has been reduced from an hour to only eight minutes. The SMB has reported a 30% decrease in repeat visits to customer sites before a sale. Sales representatives meet with 11% more customers and have experienced a 12% gain in sales. 1,200 SMB users applauded the ability to obtain accurate product, pricing, promotion, and market information in real-time - all in the field from their iPads. Real-time access to offering information has resulted in the percentage of orders rejected for price or business rule discrepancies to drop from 50% to 10%.