LaserShip® operates within the largest and fastest-growing metro areas in the eastern United States. Their 60+ operational facilities and four sorting hubs are staffed by employees who take pride in supporting customers with consistent performance and are excited to be part of the fast-growing logistics industry. LaserShip's mission is to be there when and where their customers need them. As the shipping business has evolved due to the growth of e-commerce and overnight delivery, LaserShip has continuously adapted to deliver with shorter transit times, more flexibility, and lower costs than its competitors. As a result of this proactive approach, they have grown to be the largest regional last-mile carrier in the country.

CHALLENGE: An Unprecedented Surge in Customer Service Activity
In 2020, LaserShip’s business increased dramatically as a result of the global pandemic and growth within the e-commerce industry. Today, more people are shopping online than ever before; in response, more packages need to be delivered. This increase in shipments led to "holiday peak" levels of customer service activity throughout 2020, and call centers were significantly understaffed due to the unprecedented volume of incoming calls. LaserShip needed a solution to equip their customer service agents to handle the increased call activity and reduce average call time, while also providing world-class customer service in a competitive market.

SOLUTION: Leveraging Service Cloud Voice to Improve Efficiency

LaserShip partnered with Acumen Solutions to improve their customer service solution in order to meet increased demand. To increase efficiency, the Acumen Solutions team migrated LaserShip from Vonage to Salesforce’s Service Cloud Voice (SCV) with Amazon Connect and integrated with Service Cloud for 150 agents, along with supervisors and contact center management. This voice call channel allows agents to set their availability and current work in Omni-Channel for supervisors to monitor in Omni-Supervisor. Through queue-based routing, agents can receive inbound calls and make outbound calls to “Quick Connect” contacts, such as agents or LaserShip corporate offices. By leveraging tools to reduce the average call time, agents can handle more calls and decrease customer wait time. To capture key data from calls, call recordings and live transcript functionality are available within Salesforce, and call data metrics are accessible within Amazon Connect. Acumen Solutions also delivered train-the-trainer materials and documentation to assist LaserShip's administrators in Service Cloud Voice user setup and other common administrative issues.
Additional capabilities of these tools include:
  • Screen pop of Voice Call using Channel Object Mapping
  • Separate configurations for Customer Service and Customer Care teams
  • Contact flows for TFN/DIDs, Agent to Agent transfers, and whispers
  • Configuration of Routing Profiles, Queues, Quick Connects, and HO


RESULTS: Advanced Capabilities Enable World-Class Customer Experience

The successful implementation provided advanced voice capabilities, call efficiencies, and an improved customer experience. LaserShip expects to see cost savings in operational efficiency due to decreased call time, which allows for more calls and fewer agents being overwhelmed by call volume. LaserShip has future plans to focus on extending the new Salesforce SCV capabilities to build Lex chatbots for self-service package tracking, offering multi-language Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and expanding Service Cloud capabilities. By putting the customer experience first, LaserShip can continue to provide world-class service as the largest last-mile delivery company.