An Industry Leading Print Services company launched a new product called ActiveDisclosure in December 2012 and implemented the Salesforce Service Cloud platform soon after to serve as the product support and job management tool used by their support and professional services teams.

Acumen Solutions performed a strategic blueprinting project to capture the overall vision for the future of the ActiveDisclosure and Service Cloud functionality. The resulting Implementation Build Plan outlined a strategic roadmap of multiple releases to achieve the company's strategic vision.

Business Challenge

Working with this Printing Services Company, Acumen Solutions identified three areas with opportunity for improvement: customer service, customer engagement, and business processes. Within the service area, our client could not measure customer satisfaction or determine if their knowledge asset database was valuable to customers. Their customers wanted to be heard, but they lacked a way to do so. Customers also expressed challenges with being unable to find useful knowledge assets in the database. Finally, our client’s business processes made it difficult to meet industry requirements and still be competitive in their industry.


The Printing Services Company deployed Salesforce Service Cloud to track, manage, analyze, and improve their customer service and feedback capabilities. Using Service Cloud, Acumen Solutions harnessed the Ideas capability and implemented a community forum where customers could engage with both our client and each other, improving overall customer engagement. To address some of the service challenges, and specifically, to simplify multi-collaboration, our team created a centralized database to make sharing and locating information easier. Lastly, to take advantage of the business process improvements identified, a production tracker was designed to give managers greater visibility into their team’s workload.

Return on Investment

Our client's customers are happy!  Within the first three weeks of launching this new platform, 40% of our client's customers/users engaged in the new community forum. The creation of a central database where clients can find and rank articles allows our client to get real-time information and understand which articles in their database rate well and rank poorly. The newly designed customer satisfaction form, which is used after every client interaction, provides more meaningful data to the company around customer engagement. Most importantly, the updated and improved business tools and processes allow personnel to work smarter and faster so they can spend more time helping their clients.