This Agency adopted the “Cloud First” policy and is a government leader in terms of platform as a service and software as a service commitment and adoption. Acumen Solutions is proud to be the chosen consulting agency for all of the Agency’s cloud enterprise needs.

Business Challenge

The Agency’s current business applications were built using aging technology that did not meet the organization’s current or future needs. They lacked a unified architecture system with defined standards and governance processes for application development and maintenance, making it difficult and time-consuming to complete projects. On top of that, there was little to no integration between the Agency’s systems and business units, resulting in duplicate and often incomplete data and business processes. Coupled with the fact that the Agency had no unified collaboration platform for information sharing, which resulted in disjointed and inaccurate work.


In order to ensure the success of this project, we created a Center of Excellence (COE). The COE provided guidelines and best practices for developing, implementing, and integrating and Google. We utilized a decision matrix that contained guiding principles on platform decisions as well as a Development Best Practices Guide. Due to the tools provided by our COE, our consulting team was able to help the Agency define their vision for this project and gain enterprise collaboration through an agency-wide Chatter rollout and adoption campaign.

Return on Investment

With the successful completion of our Salesforce implementation, the Agency now has a centralized platform for customer intelligence within their Salesforce CRM database. Through the Chatter implementation, the agency has already seen a noticeable increase in employee engagement, teamwork, productivity, and collaboration across the organization. By migrating the Agency’s legacy applications to, and creating new custom applications (on, the Agency has a stronger core business process to help employees better support their constituents.