Acumen Solutions helped a Global Manufacturer and Distributor of innovative technology products optimize their sales forecasting accuracy with our Integrated Sales Forecasting solution. 

Business Challenge

The Global Manufacturer and Distributor was using a sales forecasting system that was facing the following challenges:
  • Lead decay created by disconnected marketing demand generation activities
  • Complex opportunity/quote management that was negatively impacting sales productivity
  • Limited business rules and process controls that did not maintain channel pricing integrity
  • Inconsistent data entry and forecasting accuracy due to manual rollout plan creation and management
  • No reporting capabilities within the application



The Global Manufacturer and Distributor retained Acumen Solutions to implement our Integrated Sales Forecasting solution, a Salesforce Fullforce solution powered by Salesforce Sales Cloud and App Cloud. Integrated Sales Forecasting automates the data entry process, reducing the amount of manual data entry and leading to a more precise forecast. Integrated Sales Forecasting also has the ability to provide predictive forecasting analytics at the customer, product, and SKU levels across multiple timeframes in an easily consumable Forecasting Dashboard. Acumen Solutions also integrated a number of the Global Manufacturer and Distributor's internal business applications with the solution to aid in ROI calculations, partner management, and demand generation marketing.


Return on Investment

With the Integrated Sales Forecasting solution, the Global Manufacturer and Distributor now enjoys
  • Supply-chain user adoption through improved visibility of the sales pipeline for demand planning
  • Increased sales user productivity through process automation and allocation methodology
  • Extended analytics and reporting capabilities
  • An increase in revenue forecast and demand planning accuracy
  • Faster response times to demand generation leads