The sales team at a Global Pharmaceutical Company (GPC) struggled with business and sales processes that did not translate over well to their field agents. By engineering a complete sales and business redesign, Acumen Solutions helped this GPC meet their sales teams’ requirements, ultimately empowering them to sell more.

Business Challenge

As the sales department at a leading Pharmaceutical and Medical Device manufacturer (GPC) grew, the GPC struggled to maintain its competitive advantage by relying on its ineffective sales and business model. Not only did the sales model lack a way to manage and track opportunities through the sales lifecycle, where such procedures were defined, they were largely ignored in the field. User adoption of the legacy system was reluctant - if at all. The impact was a disconnect between information and workflow, which made it nearly impossible to find sales and marketing collateral and Subject Matter Experts.


Leveraging the power of Salesforce, Acumen Solutions implemented an Opportunity Management Optimization to streamline and track opportunity management through the entire lifecycle. We implemented the Content and Collaboration features to unify and centralize content management. Our consultants also integrated Salesforce Mobile, Chatter Mobile and Outlook with the platform to enable multi-channel communication and collaboration, all through the Salesforce platform.

Return on Investment

Acumen Solutions’ Salesforce implementation was transformative. Chatter empowered sales representatives with unprecedented communication and collaboration capabilities. Chatter groups were adopted for specific products to facilitate fast and easy identification of Subject Matter Experts. The centralized Salesforce system not only standardized sales and opportunity process management across all regions, but it saved the client approximately $180,000 per year by replacing SAVO, GPC’s legacy content management system.