Acumen Solutions helped a Global Hotelier streamline their hotel opening process with an automated, scalable Salesforce solution.

Business Challenge

The client is one of the world’s largest hoteliers with a lodging empire that encompasses dozens of brands and thousands of properties. To monitor the opening of new properties, the client was using a custom-built application that provided extremely slow response times, a poor user experience, and lackluster reporting capabilities. The client was in dire need of replacing this older system with an upgraded and scalable solution to make the hotel opening process more streamlined and time-efficient. 

Acumen Solutions implemented a Salesforce solution that allows the client's corporate team to track all of the milestones and tasks that a hotel must complete to open on time, meet regional requirements, and adhere to brand quality standards. The process begins with an integration with the client's internal systems, which alerts Salesforce when a new property opens or undergoes a renovation. Milestones and tasks for the hotel are then created based on the brand and location of the hotel. Lastly, reports can be pulled to show the status of new hotels in the opening process. Administrators also have the ability to manage and share hotel opening “templates” to account for changing requirements and ad-hoc requests. 
Return on Investment
With the delivery of the Salesforce solution, the client is now enjoying a more efficient hotel opening process, as well as an increase in overall owner satisfaction. The solution implemented is a significant improvement from the previous system and provides better bi-directional communication, information sharing, and tracking. The new solution is also scalable and can be reused by other brands in the organization, saving time and resources in the future.