Acumen Solutions delivered an implementation roadmap for a global franchise-based hotel chain who was looking for ways to improve their existing CRM platform. 

Business Challenge

This hotel company is a franchise-based chain that manages a number of brands and over 5,000 franchise owners in the U.S. and abroad. As the company continues to expand, it is looking to improve franchisee operations through product, process, and technology modernization. The company has begun the analysis necessary to map existing business processes, identify pain points, and define potential new processes. However, their current systems lack the agility and features that are required to support this transformation and they need help translating their findings into a solution plan for the implementation of a new franchisee-oriented Salesforce CRM platform. 
Acumen Solutions was brought in to analyze this hotel company’s existing CRM instance and technology landscape in order to propose a better way for the company to view their franchise owners and properties. Interviews and discussions with key process area leads, business SMEs, and IT teams were conducted to better understand the challenges and goals of the company. A solution design document was delivered which recommended that the hotel company modify their existing Salesforce instance to allow for improved scalability, ease of maintenance, and deeper visibility into their existing data. Once this foundation is established, the company can then bring new processes and user groups onto the platform for improved collaboration and reporting, allowing for complex and costly legacy systems to be retired appropriately.
Return on Investment
With the proposed roadmap and implementation plan, the hotel company now has a clear understanding of what changes are required in order for them to improve their franchisee-oriented business process and CRM platform. The hotel company fully embraced the roadmap and has commited to the completion of the implementation in the near future. The workshops conducted by Acumen Solutions helped to define a suite of user stories spanning all process areas which will drive the solution design.