The Foundation (FDN) provides a series of fraud prevention services in three designated locations supported by volunteer networks overseen by the corresponding FDN state offices and supervisors, each with their own localized technical platform and business process. Acumen Solutions helped FDN consolidate its fraud prevention services into a streamlined Foundation Impact System with a standardized business process for assisting and documenting constituent cases.

Business Challenge

FDN’s fraud prevention initiative sought to solve three key problems undermining the delivery of their fraud prevention services. The adoption of different technical platforms across service locations meant information was difficult to retrieve between locations, while varying business processes and reporting standards made it equally difficult for FDN to consolidate and analyze fraud prevention data in a single report.


The easy-to-use, consolidated Foundation Impact System is now universally leveraged by the FDN across all state offices to collect all data for program analysis. Volunteers can use the system to track constituent interactions, reports or tips, and whether a constituent is a new or historical victim of fraud. Most importantly, FND is able to use the Foundation Impact System to track each instance along the Fraud Prevention process, providing critical introspection into the health, expedience, and effectiveness of the fraud prevention services they are providing.

Return on Investment

The Foundation now has one, online, consolidated, easy to use system that is leveraged by all state offices and volunteers and collects all data for program analysis. With the new system, volunteers can track who the caller is requesting assistance for; if they are calling to report a fraud tip or a victim of fraud; or if the caller is a new “victim” within the system or one with a previous complaint. By creating objects that track each instance along the Fraud Prevention process, FND is able to determine if their fraud prevention services are working and ensure that they are providing expedient service to their customers.