Improve field sales team productivity & efficiency. Enhance customer connections. 

FAST™ is the proven mobile field sales solution that Fortune 500 companies use to delight customers and turbocharge the performance of their field sales teams. Arm your sales teams with the sales planning, tracking and closing tools to maximize sales success.

Increase Sales Efficiency

Increase Sales Efficiency

From geo-targeting leads and tracking sales calls to configure-price-quote, customer e-signature, and submitting orders, sales representatives can manage the entire field sales process through FAST™. FAST™ fully automates the sales process to reduce costs while providing a seamless end-to-end experience for the customer.

Improve Sales Rep Productivity

A fully integrated mobile solution truly mobilizes the sales representative by eliminating travel time to the office, repeat visits to the customer to obtain information, and hours spent manually entering information. Less administrative time equals more time to sell and more revenue.

Foster Customer Engagement

Foster Customer Engagement

Driving a sales experience through tablets or smartphones conveys professionalism and creates a connection between the customer and the sales representatives. Customers seek focused, one-on-one, customized experiences.

Sales Management Insights

Collect Sales Management Insights

Sales representatives and their managers now have real-time visibility into key sales and performance metrics through a robust reporting engine and advanced data tracking. FAST™ also offers GPS-based sales team tracking as an option.



How It Works

The differentiating component of FAST™ is a customizable mobile application. This can be a Salesforce1 mobile app that supports both iOS and Android devices. It can be a native iOS app for Apple iPads built using the Salesforce mobile SDK. Or it can be a browser-based application that runs on any device supporting a web browser.

We integrate the mobile component to the FAST™ cloud-based sales and collaboration (Chatter) engines in Salesforce. Mapping integration allows lead and customer filtering so managers can easily assign opportunities to sales reps and sales reps can build their own "street sheets" visually. Marketing and account data is leveraged for sales targeting and the creation of sales campaigns.

The solution is workflow-driven with complete sales cycle support designed to simplify and automate the field sales user experience. FAST™ is a scalable and secure solution that enables a seamless lead-to-order sales process executed 100% in the field. Solution capabilities include geo-targeting and mapping, territory management, route management, sales tracking, social sales collaboration, real-time dashboards, configure-price-quote, contract management, e-signature, and order submission.