It’s an election year in the United States, which means many of us are watching polls and trends to see who will come out on top. A few thousand votes in key states can make it or break it for candidates and their agendas.

When 130,000 business executives, engineers and managers gather in San Francisco for Dreamforce 2016 this October, Acumen Solutions will reveal to you what’s important to this highly educated, well-connected audience. You’ll also get insights into how well they know the main candidates’ policy positions.

We’ll do this through our cloud-connected trivia game. The game will test players’ knowledge on a range of policy issues. We’ll publish the results here along with the single most important issue players believe the next president should address.

Our trivia game shows more than just trends and insights, it also shows how powerful cloud systems can be leveraged to simplify and streamline the way citizens interact and communicate with the government. Our Correspondence Management solution helps agencies work with citizens in a smart, secure way. More information is available here.

Here are the results from day 1, 2 and 3 of Dreamforce 2016: