In today’s data-driven world, companies have become weighed down by an excess of information, forced to invest in additional storage to withstand their surpluses. Storage space, however, has yet to be properly optimized for either time or cost efficiency. With many standard backups lasting 30-days, and storage costing approximately $250 per gigabyte, companies are turning towards data archiving processes as a more feasible, long-term solution. 

The Data Dilemma

Data archives store outdated information while providing future accessibility, therefore eliminating unnecessary information without making it completely obsolete. For organizations in certain industries, such as the public sector or financial services, that are required to hang on to certain customer information for a set period of time, this is particularly important. 
However, with certain archives charging upwards of $100k annually and providing subpar storage capabilities, this relatively new space of digital storage is exploiting businesses. As data archiving investments are slated to increase by 60% this year, companies are in need of a platform that offers reasonable pricing matched with a highly optimized data archiving capabilities. Luckily, there’s a solution.


An Archiving Solution

Amazon Web Services provides a suite of solutions that allow companies to leverage data archiving in three distinctly significant ways:
For data that no longer needs to be stored in Salesforce, AWS offers an indexable archive that’s easily accessible and highly efficient. It creates a catalogued space for your data without compromising your information.
Back-Up and Recovery 
Whether in increments or in full, AWS performs back-ups that are well-secured and digitally automated. It eliminates the extensive time and frequent user error associated with most manually directed platforms. 
Moving forward, companies are looking for the ability to interact with and expand upon existing data. By providing a process for data replication, AWS opens the door for creative cross-collaborations and revolutionary data analysis.

Will Your Profitability and Productivity Increase?

AWS Data Archiving provides a unique opportunity for different companies looking to streamline their data storage. With a maximum price of 2 cents per gigabyte, AWS provides a more integrated archiving service at .008% of the Salesforce cost. While the cost-savings alone are enough for any company to consider AWS Data Archiving, certain organizations are positioned to gain the most:
 Organizations that have built-up many years of data in their multi-cloud Salesforce systems
 Those who wish to have data back-up in their DevOps process, and reduce recovery times from days to minutes. 
 Companies operating on many platforms, including Salesforce, that need a single solution for data archiving. 
Whether you’re looking for a more economical, efficient, or integrated platform, AWS consistently outperforms competitive data archiving platforms. 

Why Acumen Solutions? 

Our onshore teams of multi-cloud specialists have an intimate knowledge of both AWS and Salesforce. Through our work with both government agencies and the Fortune 500, we know that data storage and governance isn’t a one-size-fits all solution. We work with each business individually to drive specific results. By taking a strategic approach to data management, our solutions can drive both profitability and productivity. To discuss more, contact us at