Our client is a leading Fortune 500 company that provides marketing and business communications, commercial printing, and related services. From marketing programs that generate new business, to critical communications that extend brand relationships, they offer a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities designed to help clients optimize connections across the full customer journey with maximum impact and efficiency.


CHALLENGE: Lack of Support for Customers and Virtual Workforce

Like many companies in 2020, the client’s business was heavily impacted by the global pandemic. With more people working from home than ever before, they needed to support a new virtual workforce while delivering voice innovations and improvements to the customer experience. Additionally, our client indicated that their individual Client Service Center representatives’ skill sets tended to vary and needed to be updated frequently. The client determined there was room to improve productivity of representatives, and ultimately, cut costs by doing so.


SOLUTION: Leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud Voice to Improve Efficiency

To combat these challenges, the client partnered with Acumen Solutions to implement an initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Salesforce Service Cloud Voice solution, which included Amazon Connect for hosted telephony integrated into their existing Service Cloud instance. To increase virtual employee productivity and improve the caller experience, the MVP solution directs inbound callers on toll-free numbers to a designated queue for their Client Service Center (CSC) representatives. As a result, inbound callers on direct inward dialing (DID) numbers are now routed to their corresponding Field Service (FS) or CSC representatives for more efficient, seamless customer service. To determine a seamless transfer call logic, Amazon Connect leverages existing Salesforce employee contact information.

Additionally, the Salesforce Service Cloud framework is being leveraged to simplify the management of the CSC representative’s skills. Every Service Cloud Voice user has a personal queue automatically defined to be used for routing voice calls, and all Field Service (FS) and CSC representatives were given their own designated DID number. The Amazon Connect service was configured to enable customers and internal staff to reach their designated CSC and FS representatives using 425 specific DID numbers. 


Additional solution capabilities include:

  • Voice delivered via Omni-Channel for agents and supervisors
  • Multiple Lightning flows to search Contacts and to build Agent User lists to enable routing from Amazon Connect.
  • Screen pop of Voice Call using Channel Object Mapping
  • Configurations for Consult/Conference and Blind Transfers
  • Contact flows to handle TFN/DID calls, user list looping, Queue transfers, Contingency flow, Agent to Agent transfer, and whispers.
  • Amazon Polly for Neural Text To Speech for higher quality prompts.
  • Amazon Lambda functions to integrate with Salesforce for invoking lightning flows and voice mail.
  • Customize Voice Mail Express solution to capture voicemail transcriptions and call recording by using Amazon Transcribe, S3, Kinesis streams, and Lambda.
  • Amazon Lex bots to capture caller intent, and populate cases


RESULTS: Advanced Voice Capabilities and Streamlined Customer Support

The solution successfully went live in January 2021, providing our client with advanced voice capabilities, call efficiencies, support for a virtual workforce, and an improved customer experience. As a result, call center representatives no longer have calls going to their cell phones, reducing overall risk and increasing compliance for the company. The company also expects to see cost-savings in operational efficiency due to decreased call time, which allows for more calls and fewer agents being overwhelmed by call volume. Going forward, a follow-on phase with Salesforce HVS + SCV is planned for the sales team, along with additional voice features. By putting their employees and customers first and utilizing Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, our client can continue providing leading services across the country.