Acumen Solutions helped a global Consulting Firm leverage Salesforce for revenue forecasting and recognition. 

Business Challenge

The Consulting Firm had disparate business units that operated as if they were each an independent company. The Firm had an existing Salesforce Org but many employees were resistant to using the new tool and the adoption rate was low. The Firm also wanted to replace their existing process for forecasting revenue across departments and they needed their existing Salesforce Org to begin tracking revenue numbers as well as increase user interaction in the CRM. 



Acumen Solutions provided a new interface for the Firm's users to both enter their revenue forecasts and manage the kickoff and exporting of said forecasts. The Acumen Solutions team built a custom VisualForce page to allow specific users to enter forecast revenue. In order to fulfill reporting needs, the Acumen Solutions team also created several custom reports that run automatically at the conclusion of the forecasting period. Through a subsequent enhancement project, the application was customized for a second business unit without impacting the functional requirements of the first. Additional reporting, communication, and UI enhancements were also made to increase usability and in turn, adoption.


The Firm's users are now entering their forecasts through the interface that Acumen Solutions developed. As a result, upper management in the Firm is receiving more accurate and reliable forecast data on a regular basis. With more frequent, up-to-date, and accurate forecast data, the Consulting Firm now makes better and more informed management decisions. Managers can now enter and update their own forecasts through the interface instead of managing the process through spreadsheets and emails. The associated tools such as reporting, locking/unlocking, and group notifications have dramatically increased the overall efficiency of the process, saving the Firm time and money.