The Importance of Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

Modern day customers prefer to use multiple channels to engage with businesses. In order to increase sales and accelerate customer loyalty, it is imperative that businesses adopt omni-channel strategies that allow them to seamlessly communicate with their customers through any channel.

In travel and hospitality, supporting the customer at each step of the travel journey is vital. However, many travel and hospitality companies do not have a CRM solution that supports omni-channel experiences, provides a 360-degree view of the customer, or integrates customer experiences across channels to enable more customer service automation. 

The Connected Traveler by Acumen Solutions provides travel and hospitality companies with a turnkey engagement platform that accelerates loyalty and increases profitability by:

Streamlining the service delivery process
reducing agent on-boarding
Delivering timely support across multiple channels
capturing, refining, and leveraging data


The Connected Traveler by Acumen Solutions

In travel and hospitality, exceptional customer service is the key to driving loyalty. The Connected Traveler by Acumen Solutions can help travel and hospitality companies increase customer loyalty by:


Consolidating Legacy Systems

The Connected Traveler by Acumen Solutions consolidates all of your legacy systems into a unified platform for customer support, increasing efficiency and agent productivity.

Aggregating Your Customer Data

When your customer data is consolidated into one place, it becomes easier to enrich, analyze and extract insights that can help you achieve true business intelligence and predictive capabilities. 

Enabling Omni-Channel Engagement

When your customer initiates contact through one channel and asks for an update via another, are you able to continue the conversation seamlessly? Drastically reduce the time your agents spend with each customer with an omni-channel solution that supports multiple channels of communication.


Delivering Real Personalization

Travel and hospitality brands must tailor experiences based on a breadth and depth of knowledge on customer preferences and past behaviors. Personalized experiences help create emotional bonds with the customer and lead to real loyalty.

Driving Ultimate Loyalty and Sharing

With the Connected Traveler solution, travel and hospitality companies will have a complete 360-degree view of the customer and be able to deliver highly personalized experiences, creating customers advocates who want to share your brand with their network.  


Tackling challenges in both the customer and the agent experience, The Connected Traveler by Acumen Solutions creates a simple, seamless, and high-touch customer-centric journey regardless of the channel that your customers choose to engage through. It also connects all the disparate information and systems that you use today into a consolidated one-stop shop agent desktop, so that your agents can focus on their customers and better anticipate customer needs throughout the travel journey.
The Connected Traveler is powered by Salesforce Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, and Integration Cloud, all of which reside in an integrated and secure infrastructure that makes it easy for them to work together and paint a complete picture of your customers. Acumen Solutions has built predefined business processes, integrations, toolkits, security specifications, and typical compliance configurations that allow travel and hospitality brands to implement customer-centric experience centers confidently and quickly. 
The Connected Traveler by Acumen Solutions:
  • Leverages real-time bi-directional integration, allowing your CRM to serve as a 360-degree interactive “layer” with your legacy systems such as a PMS, Loyalty, or other Inventory Management System
  • Replaces single-channel or point solutions with a robust customer-centric, multi-channel interaction hub which supports all channels such as voice, web, email, chat, and social for both corporate centers and local sites/locations
  • Provides a single, optimized agent console across all channels, increasing agent productivity, enhancing the overall customer experience, and capturing key metrics that ultimately promote better performance

With The Connected Traveler by Acumen Solutions, travel brands can become more effective at anticipating customer needs, personalizing experiences, and accelerating guests through the loyalty cycle by creating mutual value. 

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