Acumen Solutions’ Connected Customer Service solution provides retailers’ sales & service agents with a 360-degree view of customers. Using a robust service console that pulls data from multiple back-end retail systems, including POS, service agents are able to provide an exceptional experience while reducing the amount of time spent on the phone or in chat by as much as 25%.

Retailers have traditionally struggled with modernizing their customer service solutions because key customer information is spread across dozens of specialized systems. Replacing all of the systems would take years, is cost prohibitive, and disrupts sales. Acumen Solutions’ Connected Customer Service solution allows progressive retailers to have information-rich customer interactions without having to replace all of their underlying systems. Within months, retailers realize the benefits of a modern environment at a fraction of the cost. Using the Salesforce Service Cloud, Lightning Connect, OpenCTI, and Live Agent Chat, agents use an intuitive console to serve their customers better.

With Connected Customer Service, organizations can gain:

360-Degree View of the Customer

Customer Service agents have real-time access to a consolidated customer sales & service history, allowing them to provide better advice to their customers

Faster Ramp-up Time for Agents

New agents, especially those added to support seasonal peaks, require less training on the highly intuitive platform that provides the important customer information first 

Smartstore stramlines payments.

Flexibility Reduces Costs

The highly configurable solution allows retailers to evolve the solution as their needs change, significantly reducing maintenance and support costs


Retailers strive for an omni-channel strategy. Regardless of how your customers start a conversation, they expect the history and context to carry forward into future interactions. That's a tall order to fulfill for most retailers that have different teams and systems for each channel. Acumen Solutions’ Connected Customer Service solution allows customers to engage your brand across multiple channels including web, chat, and call center. By implementing state-of-the-art CRM technologies, retailers can not only track all customer interactions, but facilitate robust and meaningful conversations that increase loyalty, brand awareness, sales, and conversion.


In addition to increasing agent productivity, reducing call/chat times, and facilitating multi-channel interaction, the Connected Customer Service solution allows agents to offer personalized recommendations based on order history and customer preferences. This new revenue channel enhances a customer’s overall experience, increases loyalty, and produces significant revenue in just months. Connected Customer Service:

  • Leverages real-time bi-directional integration allowing CRM to serve as a 360-degree interactive “layer” on legacy systems that only track customers as orders/purchase orders 
  • Replaces single channel interaction systems with a robust customer-centric, multi-channel interaction management solution that supports email, web, phone and chat channels 
  • Provides a single, agent optimized, console across all channels increasing agent productivity, enhancing the customer experience, while capturing key metrics that promote better performance