In an effort to streamline the process parents use to find the right schools for their children, a city school district worked with Acumen Solutions to implement a management system that helps to reduce the time and effort required to place students into the appropriate schools.

Business Challenge

For years in one large city, students participated in what was called the "waitlist shuffle." Students across the city would sit on multiple waitlists, holding multiple seats, and accept or reject those seats on multiple timelines. Savvy and mobile parents regained an advantage over parents with less time, technology skills, and mobility. In essence, an obtuse and unfair playing field existed that benefited some students more than others.


Using the platform and our enrollment management system base, our team created a centralized waitlist management system that could be managed and monitored by a central entity at the city's mayor's office. We loaded more than 100,000 waitlist records, integrated with the city's application data management system, and allowed for the acceptance or rejection of waitlist offers online. In our system, students could only hold one seat at a time and schools and families ascribed to a set of rules that ensure fairness and equity for every student.

Return on Investment

Since 2015, we've processed nearly 100,000 school matches and waitlist offers. Parents appreciate the transparency created by this system and students are able to attend schools beyond their traditional neighborhood assignment without submitting multiple applications to a number of different school sites.