Customers today have increasingly high expectations for service and are becoming more judgmental and less tolerant of any sub-standard customer service experience. By 2020, customer service will be the only competitive differentiator. Want to learn how you stack up against best-in-class characteristics when it comes to customer service? Acumen Solutions is here to help with our Channel Assessment offering.

Acumen Solutions' Channel Assessment offering is part of our broader Effortless Customer Service solution. With a Channel Assessment, a member of our team puts him or herself into the shoes of your customer and engages with your business through all of the available contact channels. Our team members will then take the experience and score the ease of use and performance of each of those contact channels. 

Download our Channel Assessment Overview to learn more about this service and how it can help you learn whether or not your business in engaging in behavior that simplifies and improves the customer experience. 

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