Transforming the Customer Experience for a Leading Engineered Rubber Products Manufacturer

Acumen Solutions helps a leading engineered rubber products manufacturer revitalize their customer service and sales process; allowing their team to serve their customers better and resolve issues faster.

A Leading Cable Provider: The Enterprise Field Sales Mobility Revolution

Acumen Solutions enhances a Leading Cable Provider's Salesforce platform with a third party application to integrate with their legacy environment and improve and add critical functionality.

Foundation Leverages Salesforce Platform to Better Serve Constituents

Discover how the Foundation utilized Salesforce in conjunction with their legacy system to enhance workflow across their organization. The Foundation can now better assess their fraud prevention services and ensure that they are meeting the needs of their constituents.

Omnicell: Redesigning the Way Their Sales Team Operates With Innovative Business Solutions

With the help of Acumen Solutions, Omnicell implemented innovative cloud-based business Solutions to automate lead-to-cash process and increase sales.

A Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Company Saves Big by Adopting the Salesforce Platform

Find out how Acumen Solutions helped a Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Device company save time and money by developing powerful content creation and collaboration tools for their sales team.

A Leading Education Non-Profit: Consolidating Siloed Legacy Systems

Founded in 1900, this Nonprofit Membership Association is made up of over 6,000 educational institutions. The Nonprofit helps more than seven million students annually prepare for a successful transition to college through standardized tests, college prep achievement, and other programs.

A Federal Agency: Changing the Way Organizations Manage the Influx of Correspondence Across All Channels

Utilizing a custom solution, built on the Salesforce platform, Acumen Solutions helps a Federal Agency migrate from their legacy system to better listen, connect, and respond to contacts inside and outside the government.

A Leading Global Retailer: Harnessing the Power of Salesforce to Improve Their Call Center Service

Discover how Acumen Solutions improved customer satisfaction for a Leading Global Retailer in just 7 weeks with a comprehensive reporting overhaul powered by Salesforce.

A Leading Cable Provider's Salesforce Re-design and National Rollout

Acumen Solutions enhances a Leading Cable Provider's Salesforce platform with a third party application that integrates with their legacy environment while adding and improving critical functionality.

A Consulting Firm Leverages Salesforce Sales Cloud to Achieve Better Revenue Forecasting

Acumen Solutions helped a Consulting Firm streamline revenue forecasting by building a simple user interface in Salesforce for management to capture their revenue schedules.