Developing a Centralized Database and Online Application Process for Indianapolis Schools

Acumen Solutions helped the city of Indianapolis create an online application process and a centralized database for 100+ schools.

Creating an Integrated Customer Journey for a Leading Global Hospitality Brand

Acumen Solutions created a single, unified solution that provided a 360-degree view of all guests for our Hospitality client.

Global Technology Manufacturer Uses Salesforce to Optimize Sales Forecasting

Acumen Solutions helped a Global Manufacturer and Distributor of innovative technology products optimize their sales forecasting accuracy with our Integrated Sales Forecasting solution.

Franchise-Based Hotel Chain Gains Insight Into Their CRM Platform

Acumen Solutions delivered an implementation roadmap for a global franchise-based hotel chain who was looking for ways to improve their existing CRM platform.

Global Hotelier Streamlines the Hotel Opening Process

Acumen Solutions helped a Global Hotelier streamline their hotel opening process with an automated, scalable Salesforce solution.

Global Equipment Manufacturer Boosts Operating Income & Reduces Excess Inventory

A leading Global Equipment Manufacturing company improves visibility between departments and increases profits with improved sales forecasting.

A Leading Medical Supplies Firm: Leveraging Salesforce to Meet Critical Deadlines

Acumen Solutions helps a Leading Medical Supplies Firm implement Salesforce to assist their call centers and meet crucial project deadlines.

A Nutritional Supplement Company Improves Customer Service with Salesforce Service Cloud

Discover how Acumen Solutions helped a Leading Nutritional Supplement Company improve their customer service experience by increasing the ability of their sales teams to manage incoming orders.