Congress recently introduced the Federal Agency Customer Experience Act of 2017 and it continues to make progress toward becoming law. 
"It is the sense of Congress that all agencies should strive to provide high-quality, courteous, effective, and efficient services to the people of the United States and seek to measure, collect, report, and utilize metrics relating to the experience of individuals interacting with agencies to continually improve services to the people of the United States."
While the mission of several agencies is to provide good service, this bill focuses on making sure the experience meets customer expectations.

In many cases, customer service agents lack access to the information they need to provide high-quality, effective, and efficient services. Additionally, outdated business processes and systems further limit an agency’s ability to meet the goals of the new act. 
Acumen Solutions’ Any Channel Engagement (ACE) Centers solution enables federal agencies to implement a customer-centric experience center that supports all desired channels in months, not years. ACE Centers:


A current ACE Center Federal Customer conveys the impact:

“[ACE Centers] have made an indelible mark on the immigration system. Allowing officers to do their job more easily has increased the flow of information to our customers which helps reduce processing times and increase transparency in the immigration process.”

Increase Sales Efficiency

Meet All Laws, Requirements, Policies, and Directives for Federal Contact Centers

Not just those that are known today, but also those that are yet to come. Having a technology solution that is compliant today and is agile enough to support the latest research and best practices is a must. ACE Centers, built on the Salesforce platform, provide security, functionality, and agility. 

Use Performance Metrics to Influence Business Rules and Drive Improvements

The only way to know if your agency is providing high-quality, courteous, effective, and efficient services is to collect data, assess activities, then act on those insights. ACE Centers incorporate measurement, reporting, and quality assurance programs directly into the solution while making accurate performance measures for agents, supervisors, and managers all available in a single platform. 

Allow Your Agents to Do Their Jobs More Easily

ACE Centers capture and track every customer interaction across all channels. Using a single system to access relevant information makes it easier to address customer requests and inquiries and exponentially increases customer satisfaction, reduces agent frustration, reduces call duration, and most importantly, improves the customer experience. ACE Centers are designed with quality and efficiency in mind. They have an intelligent knowledge base that makes important content easy to create, find, and continuously improve. 

Collect Customer Feedback

Having the ability to track customer information is powerful. Using that information to capture feedback and subsequently analyzing that feedback to identify trends is transformational. Acumen Solutions' ACE Centers track each interaction, leverage text analytics to evaluate those interactions, capture customer feedback using surveys, and bring all insights together to identify operational improvements. 


With Acumen Solutions’ Any Channel Engagement (ACE) Centers solution, agencies can become customer-centric and Federal Agency Customer Experience Act compliant at the same time.  
As part of the ACE Centers effort, Acumen Solutions works with agencies to ensure that they have the required network access, contact center facilities, customer service and support staff, and hardware and software. Acumen Solutions supports fully outsourced, fully insourced, and hybrid models.
ACE Centers leverage the power of Salesforce Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and App Cloud, all of which reside in a secure government-only environment. Acumen Solutions has built predefined business processes, integrations, toolkits, security specifications, and compliance configurations to allow agencies to implement customer-centric experience centers confidently and quickly.

Predefined Business Processes:

  • Web and email case capture
  • Case auto assignment
  • Interaction tracking omni-channel routing
  • Case team collaboration
  • Case escalation rules and queues

Predefined Integrations:

  • CTI & chat
  • Data source systems
  • Business apps (HR, QA, Customer Feedback)

Pre-Built Toolkits:

  • Knowledge base population tools
  • Federal case data model
  • Email relay
  • Channel aggregation

Security and Compliance Configurations

  • Single sign-on
  • 508
  • CJIS
  • Federal Customer Experience Act

ACE Centers help agencies support their mission, increase agent productivity, decrease call volumes, decrease costs, maintain compliance, and identify opportunities for ongoing improvement. 

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