A continuing conundrum in business is that the majority of companies are clear on the importance of a good sales forecast, yet only a minority are able to achieve a sales forecast they have confidence in.

This white paper will explore the value that manufacturers place on sales forecasting, the barriers they encounter to achieving a good sales forecast, the impact to their business and the key challenges to be overcome. This study clearly shows that leading companies are confident in their sales forecast and achieve favorable results vs. laggard companies who are less accurate and confident:

• Forecast accuracy is higher

• On-hand inventory, as a percentage of overall sales, is reduced

• Unfulfilled backlog, as a percentage of overall sales, is minimized

• Inventory obsolescence, as a percentage of overall sales, is lessened.

The findings in this white paper are based on a market research survey administered over the Internet in December, 2009. The study was conducted by RBInteractive Research Group on behalf of Right90, Inc, a provider of sales forecasting solutions.

In total, 274 manufacturing executives and managers employed in their operations, sales, IT, supply chain or manufacturing production business units were studied. All respondents were qualified for being involved in decisions regarding their company’s enterprise-level software applications.

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Source: Right90