Increase Your Donations Using Embedded Analytics

Managing a fundraising program is not easy, and the demands that development teams are currently facing are more challenging than ever before. They are tasked with multiple competing priorities, from securing critical financial resources to managing expectations of their donors. One of the biggest challenges is a lack of insight and understanding of their data. While they have mounds of data related to past solicitation campaigns and wealth screenings, being able to take action and make better decisions based on that data is often a struggle.

To solve this problem, Acumen Solutions has created a solution for embedded analytics that helps development teams tackle some of their most pressing questions, while providing greater visibility to maximize donations. Acumen Solutions draws on the industry experience of fundraising experts, as well a team of data analysts, to tailor a fundraising solution that helps to accomplish your nonprofit’s goals. Leveraging Einstein Analytics and Einstein Discovery, this solution will help nonprofits:

  • Provide intelligent forecasting, including the gifts pipeline
  • Illustrate progress towards goals as it relates to previous performance
  • Identify donors who can give more based on their capacity and inclination
  • Highlight important missing gifts with analysis of unrenewed donors and pledge payments


Visualize Your Potential on a Dashboard

To help development teams make sense of their data, Einstein dashboards can help answer the following questions:


What have we accomplished? Einstein Analytics shows your fundraising progress to date with YoY comparisons, including supporting details on Key Performance Indicators. With a detailed view included, you will never wonder if a certain gift is included yet or not. 


How will we get to our goal? Einstein Analytics visualizes a projected total and pipeline to represent your future potential. Unlock new insights into what has been accomplished to date, along with key donor targets that will help you plan for maximum cash flow.


Who is most likely to give more? Einstein Discovery calculates an expected gift amount for individual donors, prioritizes those who are giving less than expected, and offers predictive suggestions on the record for actions that might increase major donors’ contributions. 


What gifts are missing? Einstein Analytics highlights the donors that are late in making pledge payments based on their commitments, as well as those that are expected to miss their renewal.


Boost Your Growth in Weeks, Not Months or Years

To create your organization’s unique dashboard, our team will start by understanding your goals, aspirations and experiences. By engaging key stakeholders including leadership, development staff, and even board members, our team will work with you to prioritize the insights and actions you want your data to provide. Then, the team will take in-house developed base models and tailor them to the availability and uniqueness of your donor base.

When leading fundraisers suggest “mining” your data for insights, consider this solution your manual, and Einstein as your toolkit for success. After iterating your customized design and data recipe with you, the process will be completed by installing the dashboard in your organization, allowing you to see the updates each and every day when you first log in. The answers to your most important fundraising questions are then just a click away.

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