As businesses, schools, facilities, and non-essential public services around the world begin to reopen, forward-looking organizations are determining how to return to business as usual, with as little disruption as possible. Starting with a responsible reopening plan assures employees, business partners, and customers that you are ready to engage. We are helping a number of our customers build out their reopening strategies, while keeping long-term growth top of mind.
Whether your organization is in the Stabilize, Reopen or Growth stage, each part of the process is equally as important. The team of experts at Acumen Solutions is helping customers identify the behaviors, practices, and tactics that must be employed to be successful in a post-pandemic economy. We would like to work with you to do the same for your organization.

Organizations rapidly transitioned to remote working during lockdown, prioritizing employee safety over business operations. Many organizations are still struggling to deliver the quantity and quality of services they need to continue operating successfully - while also keeping their employees safe. Here are a few ways we can help you get started on the path to stabilization:

  • WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT: As business operating models evolve, enabling and measuring associate and organizational performance can become more complicated. We focus on adaptive technology solutions that enhance remote collaboration, limit legacy system strain, and provide performance visibility and accountability. Our strategy and change management teams collaborate with you to create a unified vision, establish clear communication strategies, and build remote-accessible training solutions to support these transitions.

  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY: The pandemic illustrates the importance of investing in business continuity and responsiveness for multiple situations. We help organizations deploy adaptive platforms across sales, service, contact centers, and more, allowing them to thrive in the remote world.

  • BUSINESS VELOCITY: In prior economic slowdowns, companies that identified the right inflection point and invested for growth created significantly more value in the following years. Companies that successfully exited the 2008 financial crisis are already investing in the talent, process, and infrastructure needed to ensure their future success. Our strategy and process consultants can help identify, stabilize, and streamline your key business processes, and our solution architects accelerate these processes with technology optimized for remote communication.


Our teams have a wide breadth of knowledge across all industries and can help you to identify a strategy to reopen both safely and successfully. We are helping organizations use these types of strategies as they navigate through unchartered territory:

  • WORK.COM: As organizations assess their readiness for employees to return to the workplace and protect their safety, they know they will need a technology solution to help. by Salesforce offers a set of solutions and online content providing best practices and guidance on re-opening a business. The ecosystem includes thought leadership resources, partner-driven solutions and products from Salesforce. As a Top 10 partner of Salesforce, we can help your organization get back to work, in the way that works best for you.

  • SERVICE & SUPPORT: The service sector has been very heavily impacted by the pandemic. The ability for customers to seek help via contact centers in many types of service business has been important during the lockdown, and will become more critical as we start to reopen. We helped our clients survive lockdown by transitioning contact centers to operate successfully with work-from-home associates, while experiencing a surge in demand for advice. To be positioned for growth amongst fierce competition requires contact centers to deliver an elevated experience. Ask us how.

  • ON-DEMAND ANALYTICS: As companies begin to reopen they need advanced analytics to anticipate needs, forecast demand, calculate output, and engage the right employees when and where they are needed. We can also help track your employees’ shifts and interactions, allowing you to trace any potential risk for additional infections. Let your data guide you through reopening safely, while successfully meeting the needs of your customers.

  • CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: As organizations transition from reopening to growing, how organizations interact with their customers will need to change and adapt quickly - checkout lines, changing rooms, online pickup, etc. You need to be listening to the wants and desires of your customers so you can adapt your processes. Our Enterprise Feedback Management experts can help you collect feedback across the channels that make sense for your business, whether social, email, call center, survey, SMS, or online, while also synthesizing the data so you can maximize your customer experience.


As the next several months unfold, the needs of your organization will evolve. Forward-thinking organizations are exploring new, sometimes uncomfortable, ideas to achieve growth. Below are some of our solutions you may want to consider:

  • MARKETING: Many marketers are collaborating with their sales and customer service colleagues to become fully digital and focus on direct engagement. We are helping customers reduce agency costs by using managed services and exploring blended Marketing / Contact Center optimization solutions, as well as Digital Customer Engagement models. Our solutions are purpose-built to scale to your organization’s unique needs.

  • CHANNEL MANAGEMENT: Buying behaviors have changed dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, and these changed behaviors are likely to “stick”. Manufacturers and retailers are seeing a steady increase in ECommerce and B2B Online Traffic; CG/Retail companies are seeing a +20% increase in online vs -30% in store purchases. There has been a large shift in consumer categories such as grocery, health, cleaning and supplies. Acumen Solutions is a top partner in delivering B2B Commerce solutions and can work with you to build a solution that fits your needs.

  • MANUFACTURING: Manufacturers of critical health, safety, and medical products/devices have been, and continue to be, under tremendous pressure to rapidly ramp up their production capacity and manage quick and equitable distribution of their products to government, healthcare, commercial, and consumer buyers. Accurate supply and demand forecasting is paramount. But with the current crisis, traditional approaches that use historical data break down. We can help you manage your demand planning and get your products into the hands of your customers and partners as quickly as possible.

  • GOVERNMENT: For the public sector, agencies are under tremendous pressure to respond to citizens quickly and efficiently. Public health and safety is a primary focus for agencies providing important services to their own organization, other entities, and the general public. We help organizations scale their outreach by building Any Channel Engagement (ACE) Centers, improving their ability to reach constituents using Correspondence Management, and launching new Digital Transformation programs.

  •  NONPROFIT: Nonprofit organizations have had to quickly adjust to the changing needs of constituents, while also navigating financial and operational challenges. Staying connected, responsive, resilient and relevant during these uncertain times is essential for managing risk and returning to growth planning. Our team of nonprofit experts have created fundraising tools and new commerce strategies that help organizations capture additional revenue needed to deliver on their mission.


No matter what stage your organization is in, we can help. To connect with a member of our team, please reach out to us directly at to schedule a consultation. We look forward to understanding the needs of your organization and helping you chart the path to growth.