MuleSoft’s mission is to connect the world’s applications, data and devices.

When everything is connected, anything is possible. MuleSoft's Anypoint™ Platform is changing how global enterprises connect apps, data and devices. Through our partnership with MuleSoft, we are able to offer our customers a revolutionary solution, the Anypoint Platform, which connects APIs, SaaS, and legacy systems like on-premise databases. The Anypoint Platform has a consistent interface for both cloud and on-premises systems making deployment quick and easy. Through their strong connector suite for Salesforce, enterprises can harness the power of Salesforce and MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. 
As a Salesforce Top 10 Partner, Acumen Solutions helps IT shift its focus to adding flexibility and scalability to its integration infrastructure and orchestrations using MuleSoft's robust cloud and on-premise integration platforms.
Sales Acceleration

Connect APIs: Create custom APIs with an easy, intuitive interface that answers every developer's wish list for lightning-fast connections

Engagement Marketing

Connect SaaS: Harness the explosion of cloud applications across your business with quick and easy connections

Effortless Customer Service

Connect SOA: Connect on-premise databases with cloud applications and devices to turn information into insight